NHL Rumors: New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, and the Florida Panthers

Originally published by NHLRumors.com

David Pagnotta: Trade Deadline round table with Dennis Bernstein, Aaron Ward on New York Rangers needing a center like Adam Henrique and/or a scoring like Frank Vatrano. The Florida Panthers could be looking for depth as well.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Bernstein: “And back to Anaheim for a second Dave.”

Pagnotta: “Yeah. Sure.”

Bernstein: “If the Rangers don’t trade for either but Vatranko or Henrique, it’s a loss. Because as good as they’re playing, I don’t believe in their bottom-six. Like Johnny Brzezinski’s their 3C. Great story. Kid was in LA couldn’t find traction. Finally found a place as a 3C. Is he a 3C on a championship team? I don’t think so.

They have to lengthen the lineup and they do that with Henrique. You put him into 3C because loo, they, Is Brzezinski a replacement for (Filip) Chytil? No way. He’s not. He’s a grinder. That’s great. They’re playing well. But again, if they had designs on winning a championship, you put Adam Henrique in the 3C, he’s taking a ton of face off this year even though he’s playing on the wing with (Leo) Carlsson.

That’s a big move for the Rangers. They got to make a bottom-six move here.

Ward: “And if you’re in New York, you’re comparing yourself, your litmus test is Florida right now. The depth in Florida. The way, you can’t go in with, with deficiencies in your lineup right now. So Vatrano going to New York for me is, it makes common sense to bring that type of player in because you’ve got to finish out and round out some of the scoring, some of the ability, some of the veteran presence and he would provide that.

Pagnotta: “Yeah, yeah, certainly. And they’re looking and they have cap space because of Chytil’s injury. The Florida Panthers also have cap space. They did, they just accrue

Ward: “Like they need more.”

Pagnotta: “Yeah.

Bernstain: “What do you need? What do you need, a ninth defenseman? 15th forward? Come on. Let’s go.”

Pagnotta: “Bill Zito’s looking. So don’t be surprised and maybe Anthony Duclair. A reunion. A returned back to give them even more frickin depth and offensive prowess on that team. Maybe. We’ll see.”