NHL Rumors: Mitch Marner’s Agent Talks To Zurich … Stalemate With The Maple Leafs Continues

Darren Dreger: “Reports are accurate the Marner camp has had discussions with Zurich. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go there to train in early Sept. Dubas and Ferris met last week. Positive talks, but no progress.”

ZSC Lions: Mitch Marner’s European agent asked the ZSC Lions if he could participate in their practices. It hasn’t been decided if/when it will even occur.

  • Shawn Simpson: “Marner camp talking about heading to Zurich, if can’t reach a deal. All parties know he will never play a game, but it’s good for the player, and the teams like the energy of high end NHL players.”
  • Scott Wheeler: “All of the Marner posturing seems less and less important the more you consider that if he isn’t signed by opening night that the Leafs literally can’t afford to sign him due to the inflated first year cap hit and we all *know* he’s not sitting the year/doesn’t want to be traded.”
  • Scott Wheeler: “It’s nice to talk about star young players earning more out of their ELCs, and their increased leverage, but Marner doesn’t have that in the same way Nylander did. If he isn’t willing to sit for the full year, he can’t take it into October and he’ll take the Leafs’ best offer.”

Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun: The game of chicken between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mitch Marner’s camp continues and both sides seems okay with waiting. It could drag till training camp or after the pre-season.

Neither side appears to want to do a bridge deal.

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: Chris Johnston last week on Sportsnet 590 on Mitch Marner’s contract and where things may stand.

“Based on what I’ve heard recently, I don’t know that the gap is all that huge. I think there is still a fair bit of debate about what the term of this deal will be between the Leafs and Marner’s camp and obviously, the Marner is a key aspect of it.

I think the Leafs have stepped up their offers or their willingness to sign him to a contract that isn’t all that far off what the player and his agent are looking for. Clearly, that deal isn’t done yet and they haven’t reached a point where they will happily sign this and put it behind them, but I don’t know that we really can handicap what is going to happen.

Training camp doesn’t really get going until September 11-12. Once we really get into that month, there will be a little more urgency with the number of RFAs league wide. I have to believe that everyone involved in this, while they may have some differences in where they see this going, they understand a potentially heavy cost to pay by having it drag on too long.”