NHL Rumors: Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and Who Was Interested in Corey Perry

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Two players who are looking for a change 

TSN: Darren Dreger notes that forward Arthur Kaliyev in Los Angeles and defenseman Philip Broberg aren’t getting the playing time in the NHL that they’d like and might be looking for some sort of change.

“Now, Broberg continues to play well in the American Hockey League and I’m told that teams also continue to call Ken Holland of the Edmonton Oilers to talk about the potential movement there.

Kaliyev is different. He’s been a healthy scratch multiple times in L.A. which also has clubs around the National Hockey League paying attention. Could there be a fit? Could there be an opportunity to move? The Kings have stated that they’re not quite interested yet in moving Arthur Kaliyev, but something has to change. This young guy needs to play.”

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Some of the teams that had some level of interest in Corey Perry are …

Daily Faceoff: Frank Servalli and Jason Gregor on DFO Rundown on what teams had some interest, at least initially, in signing Corey Perry.

Gregor: “Are you a little surprised he chose Edmonton?

Seravalli: “No. I just think the one place that I think he was seriously considering in the last number of days was Florida.

I think a bunch of teams had been in. I think the LA Kings had an initial conversation with him, but they knew Viktor Arvidsson was coming back.

I think the New York Rangers made a play.

I think the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he spent some time and went to the Final. They’re a team with Jon Cooper that really recognize how much they could use a player like him.

There’s one other team in the West. I don’t know who it is. I don’t know if it’s Vegas or whoever.

I think maybe Toronto had an initial conversation but it didn’t go very far.

NHL Rumors: There wasn’t a lot of interest in Corey Perry

He kind of had a choice. And watching this Oilers team hit 13 wins, the top end talent and then really the right shot aspect of what they kind of really need, is it just, it makes too much sense.