NHL Rumors: Jakob Chychrun, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Calgary Flames

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Who are the frontrunners for Jakob Chychun?

TSN: Chris Johnston on Arizona Coyotes 23-year old defenseman Jakob Chychrun, who could be available to the highest bidder and who are the frontrunners to land him.

“Not only is he available, he’s been available for some time and so it’s a little hard to get a handle on who is in and who is out, cause I think teams have kept their tabs here and come in and out.

Certainly, the Los Angeles Kings are a team that I think Rod have a huge interest in potentially getting Jakob Chychrun. They’ve been in from the start. Their interest remains high today.

Some of the other teams, the Boston Bruins have kept track here. The Florida Panthers at various points and I think that they have found the price a little bit high.

And so, as we get closer and closer to that March 21st trade deadline, I think teams are looking to see, does Arizona reduce the ask a little bit? At one point they wanted four assets in exchange for Jakob Chychrun, because obviously no one has stepped up and met that price at this point or he would have already been dealt.”

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Maple Leafs and Flames after the same defensemen?

TSN: Chris Johnston on if the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs are competing for a defenseman on the trade market, or are their blue line needs different.

“I think it’s conceivable they are competing for the same group of players. I mean, look, in a perfect world, the Leafs are adding probably another player that can play on the right side of their blue line. I think the Flames are looking more for someone who can play on the left side of their blue line, but that doesn’t mean that these needs won’t intersect.

We already know when Calgary made the trade for Tyler Toffoli with the Montreal Canadiens, that they had discussions on Ben Chiarot. Ben Chiarot just so happens to be a player the Leafs have at least made some calls on to Montreal.

So there are a number of blue line options available in this trade deadline class if we want to call it, on the trade bait list.

But in terms of the top end, I think it’s conceivable that the Flames and Leafs are not just competing to maybe win a Stanley Cup at some point, but for some of these same players.”

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