NHL Rumors: Jakob Chychrun and Jesse Puljujarvi

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On Jakob Chychrun and Jesse Puljujarvi

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Teams are still talking to the Arizona Coytoes about Jakob Chychrun, and the Edmonton Oilers are talking to teams about Jesse Puljujarvi. Nothing may be on the front burner.

“The two teams that stand out for me in the Jakob Chychrun saga, as it’s continued on this long as he reiterated again during training camp that he would like to move on, are the Ottawa Senators and the Los Angeles Kings.”

The Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs have also been linked to Chychrun, but thinks those talks happen a while ago and not recently.

Either the Coyotes need to lower their price, or someone needs to set up and pay the price.

“If someone was to be that team, to really pay the price to get Chychrun, my money would be on the Ottawa Senators. I think they’ve been most excited about what he brings, and you can see the change that he might bring to their blueline as well, just adding some significance there for a team that already took huge strides off the ice this summer and certainly looks way better on paper.”

At first, the Oilers were looking for a player in return for Puljujarvi and then switched to a pick. Teams may be wondering if at $3 million for him this season, are they going to get value out of that.

It seems like a matter of when, not if, Puljujarvi will be on the move

Daniel Nugent-Bowman of The Athletic: Dylan Holloway may be earning a roster spot with the play and not just for salary cap reasons.

Holloway earning a spot could mean the end of Jesse Puljujarvi’s time with the Oilers – either real soon or next year.

A source confirms that Puljujarvi’s name remains on the trade block. If there was a market for him, he likely would have been traded by now. The Oilers continue to say that they won’t move Puljujarvi for futures. Well, they won’t move for futures right now.

His value is low, and the Oilers will likely remain patient with him. He’ll be an RFA again after the season, a UFA in 2024.

If the Oilers moved his $3 million for futures, it would give them some cap space and allow them to carry a 23-man roster.