NHL Rumors: Is Sean Monahan the Most Attractive Center Available?

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Teams Looking For Depth at Center May Covet Sean Monahan the Most

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joined Steve Kouleas and Martin Biron on the Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Power Play segment and was asked if Sean Monahan could be the front runner at the center position at the NHL Trade Deadline.

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NHL Rumors: Sean Monahan Could Get At Least A Second Round Pick

Steve Kouleas: “Okay, after All-Star, the countdown to the deadline is on by my bad math; I think it’s 32 days. Sean Monahan, who’s the front-runner this second?”

Dave Pagnotta: “I don’t think we’re there yet in terms of a definitive front-runner for Monahan, but there, yeah, there are teams without question that are interested.

And there is talk of the first-round pick as part of the asking price. And one of the reasons is not only because of, you know, the type of season he’s having from an offensive type of performance, but also his cap hit. Guys, it’s under $2 million. $1.985 million is the cap hit. That’s a very attractive piece to teams that obviously have some cap concerns and want to be, you know, relatively responsible as much as they can.

The Canadiens, I think, could retain if they’re enticed to do so. They have one more retention slot available, but because his cap hit is just under $2 million, it makes him a lot more attractive to teams that are right up against it and, at the same time not having to cough up a little bit extra to have the Canadiens or third party be in on that deal.

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So whether it’s Colorado or Winnipeg or Vancouver for some of the other teams, Toronto that are kind of looking at the possibility of shoring up the three C primarily with capabilities of moving up and down that lineup he is attracting a lot of interest and will continue to as you know kind of the the weeks unfold.

You look at Elias Lindholm being the top candidate in terms of the pivot position. But then you also have Monahan, and you also have Adam Henrique in Anaheim. What Henqirue’s cap hit is the highest of the three. Then you have Lindholm, and then down under $2 million, you’ve got Monahan.

So he makes a much more attractive and palatable addition for teams that have cap restraints.”