NHL Rumors: Four forwards and one defenseman who could be on the move

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Kevin Weekes: On some players who could be on the move before the March 8th NHL trade deadline – Adam Henrique, Casey Mittelstadt, Jacob Chychrun, Pat Maroon, and Vladimir Tarasenko.

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Host: “But first the trade deadline is, it’s like seven weeks away.

Weekes: “Coming up.”

Host: “And things are percolating.”

Weekes: “They are.”

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Host: “Time for News of the Weekes. Don’t cheat me on the extra E, there are three of them.

Go through some skaters who may be on the move. How about Adam Henrique?”

Weekes: “Original New Jersey Devil that eliminated the Rangers in the postseason during his time there. Versatile expiring contract veteran. Can play in all situations. He draws a lot of interest from opposing clubs right now.”

Host: “If the Sabres and sellers and it would appear that way even though they won , Casey Mittelstadt. What about him?”

Weekes” Well, he’s been excellent for them, especially in the absence of Jeff Skinner with injury. Casey Mittelstadt continues his progression, offensive player. They’ve taken care of all their young players with long-term deals. They haven’t with Casey Mittelstadt. So that’s why he could be the odd man out of Buffalo and he’s drawing a lot of attention as well.”

Host: “What Pat Maroon’s value on the open market if they go there?”

Weekes: “The recipe book for winning Stanley Cups. He’s won three. He’s great in the room. He has some offensive touch. He brings toughness to the table and experience and man, oh man is he’s great in the dressing room. He would be a valuable piece to any team that is a contender.”

Host: “Jacob Chychrun, I give you that name. What do you say?”

Weekes: “Well, Jacob Chychrun wanted to go home to Ottawa, he has family there. They have so many defensemen though and it’s an underwhelming season by them. He shoots rockets, he’s a stud, he’s in great shape and his cap hit is very low. Leads as well and that is a position of demand as you know in the post season, defense.”

Host: “Nice pickup there, could be. Another Senators play. Vladimir Tarasenko scored tonight. What about his value?”

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Weekes: “Well we know Tarasenko from his time in St. Louis. Of course, he should be a 30-goal scorer perennially. He scored 30 or better seven times in his career. A different role for him in Ottawa. A different fit for him there. But he could help a team keep in mind he was a part of that Cup winning team and a big part of it in St. Louis. He could bring some offensive depth to any club down the stretch as well.”