NHL Rumors: Flyers, Provorov and Konecny … McKenzie On Three-Year Bridge Deals
Flyers talking with RFAs Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny

Bill Meltzer: Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher said that he spoke with both the agents for Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny yesterday.

Sam Carchidi: Travis Konecny’s agent said that contract negotiations with the Philadelphia Flyers are “ongoing” and that “both sides are committed to trying to get things done.”

Can expect that they will be talking daily as training camp opens on Friday.

Sam Carchidi: Source is saying that the Flyers and Provorov had been working towards a six-year contract but after Zach Werenski‘s three-year deal, it might have changed things. Provorov wouldn’t sign a three-year deal at only $5 million a season though.

Bob McKenzie: The Flyers and Provorov have had limited contract talks this offseason. Both sides are open to a three-year deal, as well as a five- or six-year deal. A seven- or eight-year deal seems unlikely.

Sam Carchidi: Guessing what it would take to re-sign both:

Konecny – three years at $4.25 million per.

Provorov – six years at $6.8 million per.

McKenzie on RFA three-year bridge deals

Bob McKenzie: On the importance of the year three salary. Zach Werenski’s salary breakdown as the example: $4 million, $4 million and then $7 million.s

“As we plunge into RFA signing (or not) season, the three-year bridge contract Werenski signed is instructive in understanding some of the dynamics at work, specifically what is the Year 3 salary? AAV is, of course, vitally important but so is the level of compensation in Year 3.

Werenski will have salary arb when this deal expires. Or he could negotiate a long-term extension before then. But worst case, he’s gets a $7M QO in Year 4 and walks himself to free agency. So the three-year, $15M deal could be viewed as no worse than a four-year, $22M deal.

Odds are both Werenski and CBJ will want to get a long-term deal before he gets to UFA but the three-year bridge and fourth year QO is the floor for what player will get if he walks into UFA. It’s why the $ amount received in Year 3 is so important to viability of a 3-yr bridge.”