NHL Rumors: Faulk Still A Hurricanes For Now … Did The Hurricanes Owner Float Kase’s Name As Part Of Trade Talks? 
Faulk remains with the Hurricanes for now

Cory Lavalette of the North State Journal: Justin Faulk remains a Carolina Hurricane for now. He may be looking to agree on a contract extension before agreeing to waive his no-trade clause. It seems less likely that he’ll be heading to Anaheim. He wouldn’t comment on the Ducks rumors but did say.

“Yeah, I like it here. I’ve been here a long time,” Faulk said. “Obviously, we know about the dog days there for a little bit, but last year was fun.

“We had a good run and the team’s getting better. (I’m) more than happy to stay here — haven’t asked for a trade or anything like that. I’m happy to stay here, and I have no objections staying here after this year either.”

Did the Hurricanes owner float Kase’s name as part of trade talks? 

Eric Stephens of The Athletic: The Anaheim Ducks appear to be willing to trade for Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk if they were able to get him signed to a contract extension.

Ondrej Kase‘s name is rumored to have come up in trade talks.

“It’s just a rumor,” Kase said. “I’m right here. And it’s good to be here.”

Faulk has reportedly agreed to waive his no-trade clause for the Ducks, but only have he can get a big new contract.

Ducks GM Bob Murray has said that he’s been looking to acquire a right-handed defenseman.

Murray seems to float the idea that Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon may have put Kase’s name in the rumor mill.

“It happens to all of us,” Murray said. “It happened in my career. As a player, this is the life we live. If you’re going to be a professional athlete, things are going to happen. Your name’s going to go out there. That is part one of that. That’s something we live with and have to — you just got to move on. Whether it’s out there or not.

“The second part of that, which is the disturbing part for me, is when things are out there — when things haven’t happened and some owner or whatever decides he’s going to garner some friendship with media and he’s going to get close to the media. He puts things out there … some of these people, I wish they were players at one point in their life. Obviously, they weren’t.”