NHL Rumors: Colorado Avalanche, and the Los Angeles Kings
Avalanche looking to add a goaltender

James (@Account4hockey): Chirs Johnston on Sportsnet 960 said that that the Colorado Avalanche have a lot of irons in the fire. They are looking for a top-six forward that preferably has term, and some goaltender depth.

There are some whispers that they called the New York Rangers about goaltender Henrik Lundqvist but not sure if that is true. Things have become a little awkward for Lundqvist in New York.

Mike Johnston: Colorado Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is looking to add a goaltender before Monday’s trade deadline.

“We’re going to pursue and see if we can add a depth goalie,” the Avalanche general manager told reporters Wednesday night following his team’s 3-1 win over the Islanders. “We’ll see where that goes but that is something. We’ve had injuries in that department, not only here but with the as well so ultimately we’d like to see if we can add a depth goalie just for protection.”

Sakic would rather add players with some term as opposed to the rental market. Despite injuries to his forward group, Sakic doesn’t have a sense of urgency. He’d “rather not” trade his first-round pick but a big deal presents itself, he wouldn’t rule it out.

LA Kings Jeff Carter getting some trade interest

Dennis Bernstein: Los Angeles Kings forward Jeff Carter missed last night’s game with a lower-body injury. Coach Todd McLellan said they are hopeful he’ll be ready by the weekend.

Jonathan Davis: Earlier this week had heard that three, maybe four teams have shown some interest in forward Jeff Carter.

The Los Angeles Kings retaining some salary is key to any deal. Carter will make just over $2 million in salary but he carries a salary cap hit at just over $5.2 million.

Jonathan Davis: Have heard that teams have asked the Kings to retain 50 percent of his contract. That could put his salary at $1 million and salary cap hit at just over $2.6 million.

Puck Pedia: “If Jeff Carter was traded at deadline & then retired after the season, the Recapture would be:

  • LAK: $3.25M/year * 2 Years
  • CBJ: $275K/year * 2 Years
  • New Team: $250K Cap Hit Savings (negative cap charge)/year * 2 Years

Puck Pedia: “Now this is fun. If he was traded at the deadline, played next season and then retired (1 Year Left), the Recapture would be:

  • LAK: $6.5M in 21-22
  • CBJ: $550K in 21-22
  • New Team: $3.77M Cap Hit Savings (negative Cap Charge) in 21-22″