NHL Rumors: Chris Kreider, Ilya Sorokin, Chicago Blackhawks, and the Calgary Flames
Rangers still hope to re-sign Kreider

Larry Brooks: The New York Rangers priority remains to re-sign Chris Kreider and not trade him. There is still some work to bridge the gap for both sides.

Report of Ilya Sorokin trade not true

Darren Dreger: Despite Ilya Sorokin’s teammate and others in Moscow, he hasn’t been traded to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Sources in Chicago confirm that he hasn’t been traded. admits the ‘trade’ note was his mistake.

Kevin Weekes: Spoke with the agent for New York Islanders goaltender prospect Ilya Sorokin and confirmed that he hasn’t been traded.

Igor Eronko: “Per @SFedotoF Ilya Sorokin’s rights are gonna be traded to the Blackhawks soon. I’m hearing the opposite. Lou met Sorokin’s agent. There’re some requirements from Ilya’s side, A and B bonuses and Euro clause. 99% chance Sorokin coming to the NHL next year”

Igor Eronko: “Ilya Sorokin is widely considered as a best goalie outside of the NHL. He’s very very technically sound, his skating and hockey IQ are very high. He doesn’t want to play in the AHL and that’s reasonable”

Flames GM on the trade deadline and the trade market

TSN:  Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving on the trade deadline and trade market.

“You keep making calls. You keep fielding calls. You keep seeing if there’s a fit to help you,” Treliving said. “Emptying the clip for something that may or may not have an impact on your team? Certainly, I don’t think that’s the plan we want to undertake. I don’t see a lot outside that’s going to come in and dramatically change everything, right? You’re not going to blow up your team and rebuild it at the trade deadline. Are there support pieces (to consider)? Sure.

“If our group plays to the level that they’re capable of – and we’ve seen stretches – then we’re going to have as good a chance as anybody. Can you assist that? Can you help that? If it makes sense at the time.

“But you can’t look for outside saviours. If you’re waiting for the cavalry to arrive, that’s probably not going to be the case.”

TSN’s Frank Seravalli said the Flames could looking for both offensive and defensive help.