NHL Rumors: Arizona Not Moving On Their Asking Price For Jakob Chychrun

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Jakob Chychrun still wants to go play for a Stanley Cup winner

Michael Russo of The Athletic: Arizona Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong knows what he wants to get in return in a Jakob Chychrun trade and he doesn’t seem to be willing to back down from it. Armstrong on the Chychrun situation.

“He’s expressed that he wants to go to a Stanley Cup winner. We said we would look at that (and we would) try and help him out. And if the assets on the other side were there, we would definitely make the trade. That hasn’t come of yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t come.

He’s been a really, really good player for us. And he’s dug into the fact. There’s no moping with him. He’s bought into everything. And it’s been great on that end. And that’s what we’ve asked of him, on the other side, was, “Listen, we’re trying to accommodate your wishes, but at the same time, before that happens, you’ve got to do this, this, and this.” And he’s done a great job with that.”

Armstrong adds that it’s hard to big trades right now given the salary cap, this year and going forward. There are plenty of factors that have to go into it. Do they have the right assets? How high could the pick(s) be.

Arizona Not Moving On Their Asking Price For Jakob Chychrun

Sportsnet: On the latest edition of the 32 Thoughts Elliotte Friedman states the asking price for defenceman Jakob Chychrun remains high.

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Friedman: “Jakob Chychrun is doing what he needs to do to be traded since returning to the lineup. The Coyotes want two first-round picks plus package whether it is two first-round picks or the kind of prospect that basically equals a first-round pick.

What this person told me is the biggest hurdle is the second first-round pick or the second first-round pick type player. Source told me that teams are willing to do the first-round pick and a prospect.

Teams are willing to part with one first-rounder, but the problem is the second first-round pick or second first-rounder type thing.”

Later in the podcast, Friedman and Jeff Marek talked about Chychryn being linked to the Los Angeles Kings.

Friedman: “Kings management have been talking to Arizona trying to get them to budge but Arizona has been holding firm on their demands.”

Marek adds the Kings will be active at the deadline as they are open for business and looking to add and will be in on Chychrun.