NHL Rumors: Anaheim Ducks John Klingberg Submits 10 No-Trade List

Originally published by NHLRumors.com

John Klingberg Going To Market As He Submits 10-team Trade List To Anaheim

Once defenceman John Klingberg signed his one-year deal with the Anaheim Ducks, you knew he was going to be traded on March 3rd. Early on it was impossible as Klingberg had a full no-trade clause, now with the calendar flipping to January 1st, things have become a lot easier.

According to Pierre LeBrun of TSN, John Klingberg has submitted his 10-team approved trade list. However, he could still accept a trade to a team who is not on his list.

“(Klingberg) had a full no-trade until Jan. 1 and has now submitted that 10-team list because it is now a modified no-trade,” LeBrun explained on Insider Trading Thursday. “Ten teams that he could be traded to without him needing to waive his clause.

“The reality is Klingberg will want to go to a contender, so if it’s a team that makes the best offer to the Anaheim Ducks that actually isn’t on that 10-team list, I think that his reps at Newport Sports will want to work with Anaheim to get that best deal to get him on a playoff team. So I’m not sure that the 10-team list is paramount in this case as opposed to one of those 16 teams headed to the postseason.”

In addition, LeBrun wrote in the Athletic on their updated trade bait board, where Klingberg is number six on their board, that Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek is telling clubs around the league the asking price for the defenceman starts with a first-round pick.

While the asking price is high, it is still early in the process as it is only January 13th. The March 3rd trade deadline is still seven weeks away so things could change in terms of what the price will be to acquire Klingberg’s services.

One of the teams linked to Klingberg according to LeBrun is the Edmonton Oilers.