NHL Rumors: Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs

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Training camps are here. We know the situation in Ottawa with their restricted free agent Shane Pinto. But 3000 miles across North America, the Anaheim Ducks have a similar situation with Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale.

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As the Ducks open camp neither player will be there when on-ice sessions begin on Thursday. Both players are important pieces to the Ducks core moving forward. We knew Zegras was going to be an issue, but it is surprising to see the Drysdale deal taking this long.

Dave Pagnotta of The Fourth Period was on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio with Steve Kouleas and Mick Kern and stated this was an important week for both franchises.

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Kouleas: “Before we say goodbye, anything new on Trevor Zegras RFA, RFA as well with Jamie Drysdale, or William Nylander, why is it all so quiet?”

Pagnotta: “On Anaheim’s front this a big week as well not just from for the Sens and their guy that RFA but also the Ducks. Drysdale and Pinto are in the same boat by the way they are both 10.2c RFAs, which means they have not played enough eligible games. They are not eligible for offer sheets because of it. Zegras is. Although I don’t think we are going to see anything go down that road.

But the Ducks just like Ottawa would like to get this firmed up this week. Probably looking at shorter-term deals for both of these guys. We talked about a potential bridge deal before with Zegras. Likely a similar situation with Jamie Drysdale.

He had to battle injury last season and recover and is supposed to be good to go for camp. They just have to hunker down this week and get that nailed in.”

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As for Nylander well he is holding firm on his position.

Pagnotta: “As far as Nylander in Toronto, I mean he’s holding firm on his side at least for now. Still. And he doesn’t seem overly concerned about it. So if he is going to bank on himself and bet on himself and if he can put up another 40-goal season and that type of campaign this season certainly justify making $10 million plus for him whether that is with Toronto or somewhere else we will have to wait and see. Doesn’t seem like anything is too much at the forefront with respect to an extension there.”