NHL Rumors: Anaheim Ducks and Pending UFA Hampus Lindholm

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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts: Podcast on what the first move new Anaheim Ducks GM Pat Verbeek could make.

“Now, Verbeek doesn’t have a lot of time. He said he’s moving to Anaheim on Saturday. He doesn’t have a lot of time here. He’s got some big decisions to make right away that will chart the future of the franchise but it’s clear to me he thinks they’re headed in the right direction.

Jeff Marek asks who the big decisions start with, Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rakell

“Lindholm’s your big decision. You have to decide where you’re going here and Pat Verbeek and Claude Lemieux, that will be some negotiation. They might have to send stitches for that one.”

Mareks asking who fits their timeline, if Lindholm decides to move on. What about John Gibson? Do you look to move on from other players?

“No, I don’t necessarily believe that. I think that you have to look at each decision in a vacuum. I’d be doing what I can to sign a guy like Lindholm. I’ve heard. He’s 28, he just turned 28. What are the top defensemen getting? 8×9.  So I’m sure Claude Lemieux is no dummy. He’s pointing to Darnell Nurse. He’s pointing to Seth Jones. Here we are.

And I heard the Ducks were willing to do a bit more on a shorter term. I don’t know where that is.

But the thing is, if you lose him, can you replace him? The advantage that Verbeek has, is that he has a lot of people in there that know Lindholm really well. But the thing is, if you lose Lindholm do you think you can replace him with something else? If you can, then go out and do it, but I think that is a lot easier said than done.

Marek: “No, there is no new Hampus Lindholm coming. He’s been one of the secret weapons in the West. Only people that pay attention to the Ducks know about, Honestly, he’s one of those guys you always say, if only he played in a bigger market. Everybody would know the name, Hampus Lindholm. He’s just that good.”

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