NHL Notes: Bobrovsky And The Blue Jackets … Labanc A Steal For The Sharks
Bobrovsky comments about the Blue Jackets

Igor Eronko: Now Florida Panthers goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky on Sport24.ru: “There was no chance I’d sign an extension with #CBJ. I felt I need another scenery. And it’s not just because of tensions with the Jackets “

  • “I was suspended by the team, there were some conflicts in the team, a lot of meetings and some of them just because of me. I didn’t feel myself comfortable. And Still the Jackets tried and tried to extend me all season long.”
  • When the #CBJ offered me a psychologist it was weird. Because I have one since being 21 year old. When your own team criticises you and isn’t sure in you can’t like it, it’s awkward.”
Labanc a steal for the Sharks

Kevin Kurz of The Athletic: Forward Kevin Labanc did the San Jose Sharks a favor by signing a one-year, $1 million deal. The Sharks don’t have a lot of cap space and he really wants to remain with the organization. Labanc and his camp knew they would take some heat for the contract but were okay with it.

“We knew it was coming. It’s the nature of the beast, right?” Curran said in a phone interview over the weekend. “Everyone’s going to go, well, why did you do that? And don’t take this literally, but if there’s only $2 million in cap space and you think your player is worth $5 million, you’ve got a big gap there and no way to come to agreement. So you have to figure it out.

“You’re going to get people that look at this and be like, what the hell? But, hey, if he signs a big ticket next, like five or six years, everyone’s going to look at it like, OK, well, you made all your money back.”

Agent Mike Curran added that they never really discussed a long-term deal, mostly focusing on a bridge-type deal. Labanc wasn’t arbitration eligible and didn’t have much leverage.

The Sharks will have more salary cap space in the upcoming years and Labanc hopes to be in line for a bigger payday.