NHL News: The Toronto Maple Leafs Re-Sign Mitch Marner To A Six-Year Deal

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Mitch Marner have agreed on a six-year contract with an AAV of $10.893 million according to Darren Dreger.

Puck Pedia: “The #MapleLeafs Mitch Marner 6 year $10.893M Cap Hit:

-Yr 1: $700K Base, $15.3M SB
-Yr 2: $700K & $14.3M SB
-Yr 3: $750K & $9.608M SB
-Yr 4: $750K & $7.25M SB
-Yr 5: $750K & $7.25M SB
-Yr 6: $750K, $7.25M SB”

With Mitch Marner signed, and assuming Åberg and Gauthier are assigned to the minors, in addition to Horton, Clarkson, Hyman and Dermott on IR, we tentatively show the #Leafs as being $13,365,199 above the $81.5M ceiling, prior to any LTIR placements.https://t.co/BPt2vFnhEu pic.twitter.com/m9cIVvGk2I

— CapFriendly (@CapFriendly) September 13, 2019

Cap Friendly:Of the top 7 cap hits in the NHL, 3 of them belong to Toronto Maple #Leafs players:

1. McDavid (EDM) $12.5M
2. Panarin (NYR) $11.643M
3. Matthews (TOR) $11.634M
4. Karlsson (SJS) $11.5M
5. Doughty (LAK) $11M
6. Tavares (TOR) $11M
7. Marner (TOR) $10.893M

Thoughts from the media

David Alter: “The combined cap hit of John Tavares, Auston Matthews, William Nylander and Mitch Marner is $40.489366 million. The salary cap for this year is $81.5 million.”

Corey Masisak: “The Toronto Maple Leafs now have three of the seven most expensive players in the NHL (by AAV).”

Michael Augello: “#Leafs have three players making over $10M (Matthews $11.634M, Tavares $11M and Marner $10.893M), with three UFA defensemen next summer. That likely means that they will eventually move a F to be able to keep one or two D before next July.”

Anthony Petrielli: “Ferris was able to use Matthews as a comparable (which is completely off-base) to the point where this 6 years x nearly $11M is a sigh of relief and people are happy it’s over with. The reality of winger comparables is that that he should have been signing in the $9-9.5M range.”

Anthony Petrielli: “It’s great that the Leafs were able to get everyone signed for training camp so that they can make a real run at things this year from the outset. Looking at their cap situation moving forward, this has to be an all-in, go for it kind of year.”

Michael Augello: “The #Leafs could be a team that carries 20 to 21 players on their roster, ferrying players up and down from the #Marlies all season. They have lots of players who are waiver exempt.”

Lowetide: “Marner’s final number was way higher than many suggested even a few months ago. Dubas had to get him signed, so understand it. I think it means someone making big money will be dealt eventually. The good thing? All of these men are top drawer and can be dealt for quality return.”

Matt Larkin: “Lotta money for Marner, but the thing Leafs should be happiest about is getting him on a different term than Matthews. Now they won’t be up the same year again, meaning they won’t repeat that drama of dealing with both in same year. (Though Tavares and Marner are up same year)”

Dom Luszczyszyn: “obviously a terrible RFA deal based on comparables but FWIW (and for some perspective on how much value most RFAs leave on the table) marner probably outperforms that AAV 74% of the time needs to be a 3.0 win player in Y1 which goes down to 2.5 by Y6”

Toronto inks Mitch Marner to a 6-year extension. Marner had a breakout year, scoring 94 points. He’s one of the best in the NHL at taking the puck to contested areas in the offensive zone and generating quality scoring chances. Sleep well Leafs nation. @MapleLeafs #LeafsForever pic.twitter.com/PMDXKgRRsV

— The Point (@ThePointHockey) September 13, 2019

The Marner deal comes in at $10.8m. Leafs only have cap space for a 21 man roster. With only the 4RW spot open, #Leafs only have a limited number of options for the final 2 spots due to cap restrictions. I’ll post a list of names shortly. pic.twitter.com/D4QpHhB2bW

— Earl Schwartz (@EarlSchwartz27) September 13, 2019