NHL News and Video: Zack Kassian and Oilers Sign Extension … Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk Drop The Gloves
Zach Kassian and the Edmonton Oilers agree on a four-year extension

Chris Johnston: Kassian extension breakdown

2020-21: $1M SB, $2.5M salary
2021-22: $1M SB, $2.5M salary
2022-23: $3.5M salary
2023-24: $2.3M salary

Daniel Nugent-Bowman: Kassian on his extension with the Oilers: “I’m happy to be here. I love being an Oiler. I love the city. I love the fans. I love my teammates. I feel when Kenny (Holland) came in with Tipp, they’re building something special here. I’m happy to be a small piece of that puzzle.”

Per @TSNBobMcKenzie, #LetsGoOilers signed 29 y/o RW Zack Kassian to 4 yr $3.2M Cap Hit Extension. In Yr 3/3 $1.95M Cap Hit & pending UFA.

-13G 28P 44GP
-On ice 55% 5v5 GF, 50.5% DFF, 48% Corsi
-Scored 2.38 P/60
-Rep’d by Richard Curran @OrrHockeyGroup https://t.co/bwxcAmsimT

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Further to @TSNBobMcKenzie breakdown, Kassian bonuses payable:
-$1M Sept 15/20
-$500K Sept 15/21
-$500K Jan 15/22

Low Salary in Yr 4 means could be bought out at cost of $767K/year for 2 years, & Cap Hit of:
-$1.67M in 1st Yr Buyout (4th Yr orig contract)
-$767K 2nd Yr Buyout https://t.co/9m4s44XbOP pic.twitter.com/vls7VLK5eT

— PuckPedia (@PuckPedia) January 30, 2020

Kassian and Tkachuk drop their mittens

Ryan Rishaug: “Kassian told Tkachuk right before they fought “Thanks kid, I appreciate you doing this.” Showed a healthy amount of respect for him in his media avail. Said Tkachuk wanted to go right away but Kassian wanted him to think about it for a bit first. Game within the game he said”

Wes Gilbertson: Kassian on Tkachuk after the game: “Now, it’s over. I wish that would have happened in the first place, then it would have been done. I respect him for stepping up to the plate.”

Eric Francis: Tkachuk: “It had nothing to do with the hits or anything like that – I just didn’t like getting pummelled at home like I did. A lot of people didn’t want me to do it, but I wanted to. It was just kind of a way for me to stick up for myself.”

HERE WE GO!#LetsGoOilers Zack Kassian and #Flames Matthew Tkachuk drop the gloves. #BellLetsTaIk #BellCause pic.twitter.com/gaKBk0UpVf

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