NBA News: Stephen Curry Includes Michael Jordan, Four Lakers On All-Time Starting 5 Lineup

A national pastime is having NBA players name their greatest players of all time.

Stephen Curry added his list to the database recently with some very safe choices, including the one who many consider the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. However, what sticks out is that besides Jordan, his list is filled with Los Angeles Lakers legends — past annd present.

This isn’t exactly a surprise as the Lakers are the home of many of the game’s greatest players. At this moment, the entire top four highest scorers in NBA history all have worn the purple and gold at some point.

Curry’s list just confirms how great the Lakers have been for such a long time. Including Jordan, LeBron James, and three other incredible players, Curry’s list has just one legitimate notable omission, according to Logan Murdock of NBCSAuthentic:

Stephen Curry’s top five basketball players: MJ, Wilt, LeBron, Shaq & Magic.

— Logan Murdock (@loganmmurdock) April 2, 2019

This list is pretty normal, especially for an NBA player who is steadily rising up that list himself. However, Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal both being in while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is left out is interesting. Most lists would see Abdul-Jabbar in for O’Neal.

Regardless, this is always a fun debate for players to get involved in, especially players as great as Curry. Seeing greatness recognize other greatness is what makes the NBA so great. Sadly, it’s likely impossible the Lakers will ever have control of the entire top five, as Jordan will pretty much always be there.

The team’s historic dominance by having the game’s greatest players is completely unprecedented and likely will never happen again, meaning that if an NBA great in 50 years were to make their list, it could still very well be filled with players who have donned the purple and gold.