Mookie Betts: Playing In Seoul Series Good ‘Team-Building’ Experience For Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are accustomed to facing Wold Series expectations but they are under even more pressure this season due to a splashy free agency that included signing Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto to respective record-breaking contracts.

They joined an already-talented roster that featured perennial All-Stars Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, and Tyler Glasnow is another high-profile addition.

The Dodgers’ 2024 journey begins with the Seoul Series, and although there are plenty of roster holdovers, the trip to South Korea is serving as an early opportunity for a new collection of players to bond.

“I think it’s definitely a team-building thing, team-chemistry thing,” Betts said. “Just walking around, eating breakfast together, being in the hotel, everyone is kind of learning the culture here together. So it’s super cool.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts sees the value such a unique trip can have on his ballclub that has a good amount of new faces.

“I think for this trip in particular, it’s exciting. I think it can be something that can be galvanizing,” Roberts said.

“We have a chance to bring a significant other, you’re going to another country, so I think it’s allowing for our players and families to come together. Certainly, this is a team that’s somewhat new. I think it’s been fun to see guys spend time away from the ball field.”

Although the Dodgers have taken to being something of tourists in Seoul, there is an understanding their visit is directly tied to baseball and starting a marathon they hope ends with a World Series title.

“But I think we have a team full of guys that understand and know the expectations are high, and it’s a privilege. We know we have to show up and be ready to play, especially after the last couple years coming up short,” Betts said.

“So it’s really important for us to enjoy ourselves while we’re here but definitely understand we’re here to work.”

Mookie Betts excited for Seoul Series

In terms of the Seoul Series from a baseball standing, Betts and Freeman both expressed their excitement with being able to participate on a global stage.

The spotlight on the Dodgers is even more intense with Ohtani and Yamamoto part of the team, and playing within relatively close proximity of their native Japan.

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