Mookie Betts Grateful Dodgers Fans Voted Him 2022 MLB All-Star Game Starter

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The 2022 MLB All-Star Game starters were revealed with Mookie Betts and Trea Turner representing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Lineup.

“It’s a real honor. Very excited for Mookie, for Trea,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “And it’s well deserved and to know that the fans, a big piece of this whole industry, voted them in, it’s got to feel very good for them.”

This is the third time fans have voted Betts an All-Star Game starter, which includes a selection last year for the first time since being traded the Dodgers in 2020. Betts appreciates that the fans went to bat for him to make him an All-Star and is “excited” for it.

“It just means a lot,” Betts said. “You know, our fans are watching and pay attention to what’s going on in our game. Our game has changed a lot and fans have kind of stuck with it. It’s just been fun, especially watching and seeing what the fans are highlighting.”

Because the game is being held at Dodger Stadium, Betts looks forward to the experience of representing the Dodgers in front of hometown fans.

Betts was asked if he would reach out to any players who have experienced the game as a member of the hometown club, but said he wants to “learn that as I go.”

“I don’t want anybody else to experience this for me.”

Although Betts has now been selected to six All-Star Games, he believes they have all been an honor and a meaningful experience.

“You know, obviously, the first is always the most special, the feeling is different,” Betts said. “But every All-Star Game is special. It’s always memorable.

“And as you get older, you kind of look back and remember all the All-Star Games and all the times that you were amongst the best. You can tell your kids those stories and so no I never take any of these for granted.”

In 66 games this season, Betts is hitting .272/.348/.552 with 20 home runs, 46 RBI, 58 runs scored, six stolen bases, a 156 wRC+ and 3.7 WAR. He is putting up those numbers despite posting an on-base plus slugging of just .731 in the first month of the season and dealing with a fractured rib.

“It’s remarkable. I mean, with the way he started, with the injury, and then just to kind of not miss a beat and perform like he has,” Roberts said. “He’s just certainly quite the talent. You know, he’s not that physical, but for him to have the power numbers, like I said, it’s remarkable.

Turner praises Betts on and off the field

Turner hasn’t yet been with the Dodgers for a full season, but he already developed a ton of respect for Betts, who the All-Star shortstop described as “an unbelievable human being.”

“I think everyone knows Mookie is a superstar, but he’s so nice, he’s so kind, polite to so many people,” Turner added. “You can just see how he acts. So I really respect him off the field even more so than on the field.

“I think he’s probably a top-five baseball player in the game, if not higher. But just the person he is I think is very admirable. So, for me, I just enjoy being around him and the smile he’s got and enjoying us.”

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