Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman & Gavin Lux Downplay Criticism Of Dodgers Payroll

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The Los Angeles Dodgers went on a historic spending spree during the offseason that saw them commit nearly $1.2 billion to bring in the likes of Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Tyler Glasnow, among others.

The Dodgers have been accused for attempting to buy a World Series title, but Mookie Betts believes it is just sour grapes. “I mean, yeah, but if you got it, then you can,” Betts answered when asked if the critics have a point.

“You do things that other people can’t do, that’s what makes you good, right? That’s what makes people better than the next guy. Because he can hit for more power than the next guy, or he can do this better than the next guy.

“Somebody’s bankroll might be a little bit longer. There’s nothing you can do about it, and it is what it is when they use it. Sorry.”

Freddie Freeman praised the Dodgers ownership group and front office for going above and beyond to improve the team’s chances of winning a World Series, but noted the players still have to do their part on the field.

“Believe me, I wished ‘buying a championship’ means we’d win a championship. But I think everyone in this game knows how hard it is to win a championship,” Freeman began.

“I’m just glad our ownership gave us the best chance to do it. That’s all you can really ask for as players, to give us the best chance to win a World Series this year and many, many more beyond.

“That’s your ultimate goal. To be a fanbase that has an ownership that is going to do that, I think it’s exciting.”

Gavin Lux agreed with Betts and argued teams should do whatever it takes to win a World Series. “I think Mookie said it best. How can you not try to get the best guys possible?,” Lux asked.

“Twenty-nine other teams could’ve done it, so I don’t see how it could be bad for baseball when everyone could’ve done the same thing. Like Mookie said, what do you expect? Not try to go get the best guys to win?

“Our goal is to ultimately win a World Series, so of course we’re going to try and get the best guys out there.”

Gavin Lux: Dodgers have even bigger target

The Dodgers have made 11 consecutive trips to the postseason, but Lux thinks there will be an even bigger target on the team’s back this year. “I feel like we already did anyway, so now I think it’s even more,” Lux said.

“I think we’re used to it. It’s part of playing for the Dodgers. You always have a target on your back. We’ve got to know that stepping into a 162-game season. Every night, teams are going to run their best guys out there, everyone is going to be amped up. We’ll be ready for it.”

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