MLB News: How to Best Bet on Major League Baseball
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Major League Baseball is fast-paced, exciting, and unpredictable, with a frantic schedule that sees several fan-friendly matches played every evening during the season. Games are played before sell-out crowds while millions more watch the action on television and live streaming services.

The game has never been more popular than it is today. And over the last four years, we have witnessed increased interest as gambling has come online, with over two dozen states legalizing sportsbook betting.

But how do you get involved and use your knowledge of the sport to create your MLB best bets and target a profit? There’s a lot to consider when you start betting on baseball, but this article is here to help. Read on as we list some helpful do’s and don’ts of betting on baseball.

Bet with the Best

You are only as good as the bookmaker you are betting with, and although most apps seem similar, you must know how to tell a good bookie from a great bookie. The sportsbook app you choose could make the difference between turning a profit on your gambles and suffering losses. But where do you start?

The leading bookies offer all new customers a welcome bonus free bet, and this is something you should seek out. The better the bonus, the better the bookie. It shows they are serious about giving you the treatment and customer service you deserve. Other things to look out for are lots of markets and the best betting odds prices.


Don’t simply place a bet on a team you like or a player you’ve heard about. This is known as betting blind because you may as well have your eyes covered, dropping a pen onto the page and backing the selection it lands on. The more you know about a fixture, the more chance you will have of landing a winning bet and making a profit. You want to know the form of both teams, the weather forecast, head-to-head stats, recent performances of the officials, and more.

Target Top Odds

Most bookies offer odds that appear similar and, at times, are identical, but don’t let that put you off seeking out the best odds on every bet you place. If you strike a bet with your bookie at anything less than the market’s best price, you are missing out, handing the advantage to the traders who already hold all the aces. Check any betting odds comparison site and bet with the company offering the most generous odds.

Don’t Pay for Tips

Never pay for someone’s betting tips, no matter how successful they claim to have on recent events. If a tipster sent out as many winners as they claim to on social media and gave the bookies such a bashing, why would they need your cash? Indeed they’d be lying on a beach somewhere with a drink in hand, relaxing rather than sitting at a desk trying to impress you. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t Chase

If you’ve had a bad day, don’t go chasing your losses. It never works out. In desperation following a losing bet, some gamblers will ramp up their stakes and gamble more often as they try to track down their losses. You may get lucky and break even, but your decision-making is affected in a desperate state, with a profit becoming a must rather than a luxury. If you are behind, throw the towel in for today and come back fresh tomorrow.