Los Angeles Rams Hunt for Aaron Donald Replacement

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One of the most notable players in the NFL is Aaron Donald. His defensive player performance for the Los Angeles Rams is well-known among fans and opponents.

In surprising news, the veteran announced retiring from the professional scene. The 32-year-old would understandably want to quit the stage in perfect health.

You might be curious about his next move with the decision to leave the Los Angeles Rams and his NFL career. There have been speculations based on what he is interested in, and this might be a dream come true for his fans.

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Aaron Donald Replacements?

It would be awkward to think that the Los Angeles Rams would find the next legendary defensive player, Aaron Donald. The Rams have held a strong opinion that it would be tough to find his replacement as he is irreplaceable.

Aaron has been historic, and it would be unwise to think any player could outdo his impact, at least for now. He was exceptional and reached admirable career heights with 111 sacs and multiple accolades.

Undoubtedly, Aaron’s status in NFL history would be something every player hopes to achieve. Aaron has left a void at the Los Angeles Rams, but there is hope to find skilled players to better the team’s defensive run without replicating Aaron’s unmatched impact.

Rams are looking to bring gifted players who will help improve the team. Since Aaron is irreplaceable, the Rams are not looking for his replica but for new talents motivated to pursue the team’s goals. Here are notable players the Rams could consider:

Byron Young and Kobie Turner

The two talented players are still with the Rams and have had good seasons despite being third-round picks. Young had eight sacks last season, while Kobie was the finalist for NFL’s rookie of the year with nine sacks.

Jer’Zhan Newton

Newton is among the talented players on the market who would find a perfect home at the Rams. His excellent play and coverage in the middle are anything a team would want to have among its talents.

Newton’s defensive playstyle in the backfield replicates Aaron’s. Pairing him with Kobie would be a good way for the Rams to cover more space against opponents.

Byron Murphy

If you need a player who can double up in the middle and outside, Byron should be on your considerable list. He knows how to dominate matchups right and left, and his prowess helped the Longhorns secure a win against Kansas.

Byron knows how to collaborate with teammates and would be an ideal talent in game-changing competitions when facing pass blockers. He is also good at touchdown reception and plays well as a fullback.

Tvondre Sweat

Though Sweat may not match Donald’s skill set, his athletic ability gives him an edge. He executes quick techniques and can be explosive when necessary. Sweat is unstoppable and can quickly get over pass blockers to knock them off balance. He also has mind-blowing gameplay and powerful goal-defending skills.

Laiatu Latu

Latu could be on the Rams prospect list because of his admiration for Donald’s at the UCLA event. Latu might not be a suitable replacement as an edge rusher, but his prowess could be what the Los Angeles Rams need to continue their excellent play. If paired with Byron Young, Latu could make a good match to solidify the Rams’ run, giving him a chance to grow and maybe follow Aaron’s path.

What’s Next for Aaron Donald?

Aaron might have hinted at what he would do if he no longer played in the NFL. In a social media post, he indicated he would be interested in acting. His first acting role was in the 2019 Magnum PI TV show. The success he attained after casting the film might have triggered his decision to change focus and get into acting.

According to Aaron, he needed to learn everything as he hoped to be involved in different things (presumably, acting).

Besides acting, Aaron could be a great coach if he reconsiders the decision and thinks about coaching. Off the field, the talented player has coached and mentored several rookies. However, coaching may not be Aaron’s ultimate goal, as everything indicates he prefers acting. After all, he has been in Hollywood for over eight years, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see him have another phenomenal career.

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