Lakers News: LeBron James Named AP Male Athlete Of The Decade

LeBron James has already cemented himself as one of the greatest athletes — regardless of sport — in history.

The 2010s decade was undoubtedly a strong one for James as he accomplished everything an athlete would hope to.

James won three NBA championships while winning NBA Finals MVP in each of them. He also won three of his four regular season MVPs this decade, was an All-Star every season, and was All-NBA First Team in all but one of those seasons. He was named AP Athlete of the Year three times as well so when it came to choosing their athlete of the decade, there was no question who it would be.

The Associated Press recently announced James was named their Male Athlete of the Decade, far ahead of runner-up New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:

James is The Associated Press male athlete of the decade, adding his name to a list that includes Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Arnold Palmer. He was a runaway winner in a vote of AP member sports editors and AP beat writers, easily outpacing runner-up Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

James spoke on the accomplishment, saying he is in a better place in life now and has learned so much throughout the years:

“You add another 10 years of learning and adversity, pitfalls, good, great, bad, and any smart person who wants to grow will learn from all those experiences,” James, who turns 35 Monday, told the AP. “A decade ago, I just turned 25. I’m about to be 35 and I’m just in a better (place) in my life and have a better understanding of what I want to get out of life.”

Obviously James’ accomplishments on the court have been truly outstanding and he recently made history again in the Los Angeles Lakers win over the Dallas Mavericks. But what also makes James special is the work that he has done off the court and in the community.

In 2018, James opened the I PROMISE School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school helps out underprivileged kids and provides for them, something that is very close to James and his struggles growing up. Additionally, James has become one of the most outspoken athletes in history, speaking out on any injustices he deems necessary.

When it came down to it, there really was no doubt as to who the athlete of the decade was. James’ impact both on and off the court was simply unmatched.