Lakers News: Frank Vogel Focused On Current Roster As 2019-20 NBA Trade Deadline Nears

The month of February in the NBA is always one of the tensest times of the calendar because it means the NBA trade deadline is near.

As is usually the case, the Los Angeles Lakers are right in the heart of the rumors with Kyle Kuzma popping up as the team’s main trade asset.

In this day and age where rumors and information are so readily available, it’s impossible to avoid everything that is circulating but Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is refusing to focus on it. As a long-time coach in this league, this is nothing new to Vogel and he won’t get caught up in it.

Vogel recently spoke with Dave McMenamin of ESPN on the subject, saying that while the Lakers would explore options to improve the team, he feels good about the current roster:

“I think it’s just part of this time of year, it just comes with the territory of being an NBA player, NBA coach, NBA front office — we’re going to do our job,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said. “If there’s ways to improve our team, like every other team in the NBA, if there’s a way to improve your team, you’re going to do it. If not, I know our team, we feel really good about what we have in uniform, on this roster.”

Of course, the trade deadline doesn’t mark the last day the Lakers could make some changes to the roster, but it is the most nerve-wracking, especially as players are unsure of their future.

There were plenty of stories last season about the uncertainty surrounding the team at this time but this season, there are only a handful of players the Lakers could move, which is why Kuzma has been talked about so much.

That being said, Vogel remains unfazed by the impending deadline:

“We’ll see how the next few days play out.”

The possibilities for the Lakers to make a major trade before Feb. 6 remain slim as they just don’t have the assets to do so. While Kuzma has promise, his small salary makes bringing back a player of note very difficult. The lack of draft capital and big, expiring salaries only makes things that much tougher for Los Angeles.

Even still, all eyes will be watching as the deadline inches closer. While Vogel will focus on who he has at hand currently, general manager and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka will be checking every avenue to see if any upgrades can be made.