Lakers Fans: Events To Watch Out In 2023

There’s no doubt that the 2022-23 season has been a tough one for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. Getting off to a horrific start, with a 2-10 record in their first 12 games, it’s now looking increasingly unlikely that they’ll be able to make the playoffs and, ultimately, the Finals.

Lakers fans have enjoyed a golden period since the start of the millennium, with their team winning multiple NBA championships and dominating the 2000s. Although the last decade or so hasn’t seen the same success, they still won the Finals as recently as two years ago.

That said, there is still a chance that they can get some success and salvage their season, although they’ll have to start winning more of their games and fast. Below are some of the biggest events for Lakers fans to watch out for in the coming months, both on and off the court.

NBA Finals

Even if the Lakers don’t make the Finals this season, it’s still a must-see event for any basketball fan. Although it’s not yet clear which teams will be facing off the best-of-seven series when it comes around in June, it’s sure to be an incredible set of games, just like pretty much every other year.

Lakers fans will watch keenly to see how strong the two remaining teams are to get an idea of what they’ll have to compete with next season.

The 2023 NBA Draft

One of the consolations for performing poorly in a given season is that it gives your team a better chance of getting the first pick in the draft. The two draft rounds give teams in the league a chance to pick from some of the most talented players from colleges across the US.

The order of picks is determined by a lottery system, with the teams that didn’t qualify for that year’s playoffs (which is looking increasingly likely for the Lakers) being among the first 14 teams to pick.

The 2023 NBA draft takes place on 22nd June, allowing Lakers fans to see which exciting new prospects will be playing for their team in the coming seasons.

NBA Summer League

NBA Summer League is a unique aspect of the NBA and takes place after the regular season, playoffs, and Finals.

The 11-day showcase during the summer is a perfect chance to see new, up-and-coming young players show their skills. Although stars and regular starters usually don’t feature, there is still plenty of excitement to be had, and every game that features the 30 teams across the NBA will be televised.

As well as being a great opportunity for rookies and bench players to show their skills, it also gives coaches in the NBA a chance to use more experimental line-ups and tactics they might not be willing to risk during the regular season.

2023-24 season 

It’s not over yet, but many Lakers fans already say the current season is one to forget. However, fortunes can turn around quickly in sports, and the 2023-24 season will soon come around. It’s impossible to know yet what exciting new players the Lakers might pick up in the 2023 draft who could easily help to get them back on track next season.

Although the fixtures and TV schedule for the 2023-24 season haven’t yet been announced, the start date is reportedly October 24th, with the regular season concluding on April 14th.

Non-game events

As well as the games mentioned above, there are also some other events that Lakers fans might be interested in. For example, fans with kids may have heard of Camp Lakers. This camp gives kids aged 8-17 a chance to learn about the fundamentals of basketball, including defense, drills, ball handling, passing, and shooting.

The 2023 camp will be held from July 17-21st for the 1st session and July 24-28th for the 2nd session. The Lakers’ staff oversee instructors, and plenty of supervision makes it a safe and fun environment for aspiring young basketball players.

There are other charity and fan events throughout the year, so watch the Lakers’ official website for more details. Why not dive into some online slots in Canada between events to pass the time?


Disappointing season aside, 2023 still has plenty for Lakers fans to look forward to. Hopefully, the draft and Summer League will provide some optimism heading into the new season and give fans hope to return to where they belong.