Kenley Jansen: Dodgers ‘True Champions’ Of 2017 World Series After Being ‘Cheated’ By Astros

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Prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic bringing the sport to a halt, the Houston Astros were the talk of Major League Baseball due to the fallout from their sign-stealing scandal.

The organization was found guilty of electronically stealing their opponents’ signs during the 2017 season. Among the punishments handed down by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred were a hefty fine, the loss of draft picks, and former Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch each being dealt one-year suspensions.

While those represent some of the harshest penalties ever levied, the Astros’ 2017 World Series championship over the Los Angeles Dodgers remained intact.

Many felt that the title should have been vacated, including SportsNet LA broadcaster Orel Hershiser, who called the outcome of MLB’s three-month investigation into Houston a ‘farce.’

Now that a 2020 season is set to be played, many players are ready to turn the page and solely focus on the present. That extends to Kenley Jansen, although he still believes the Dodgers should be considered the rightful 2017 World Series championships, via “The Sedano Show” on ESPN L.A.:

“Honestly, with me, I’m over it. I feel like we were the true champions in 2017. We got cheated. I get it. I feel like Major League Baseball could’ve done a better job of probably stripping that championship. Listen, to get cheated is the worst. To me, I feel like we’re the true champion in 2017. We got cheated.”

Jansen was previously critical of MLB’s handling of the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, suggesting a postseason ban as a solution. “You stole a championship from a team so you should not be in the playoffs this year,” he said in February.

“That’s the punishment, I get it, don’t take money away from players, but you’re not gonna play in the playoffs this year.

“With steroids, at least it was a fair game instead of a team just sitting on every pitch, knowing what was coming and buzzers and all of that stuff that they’re talking about. It’s ridiculous, I’m sorry. A sorry won’t help, it’s the weakest punishment I’ve ever seen in any sport in the world.”

While a schedule for the 2020 season hasn’t been announced yet, the Dodgers are expected to play teams within their geographical region to limit travel.

That means the club will play a series against the Astros for the first time since the 2018 regular season, and the first time since Houston’s sign-stealing scandal came to light.

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