Justin & Kourtney Turner Repeating RV Trip, But With Improved Planning

Originally published by DodgerBlue.com

Justin and Kourtney Turner annually make their way to Indiana for the holidays, but last year the couple decided to take a different path by renting an RV for a cross-country trip. The road trip was one Kourtney had long held interest in, but as novices, it came with growing pains.

Most notably when attempting to park for the night at an RV park, which requires a reservation in advance; and again on the drive back to California, when the Los Angeles Dodgers’ All-Star third baseman attempted to head down a bridge that did not have enough clearance for the RV.

As the Turners were preparing to head on a second RV trip, learning from the past was front of mind and so too was making the drive a more enjoyable experience.

“First and foremost is to keep the AC unit on the top of the RV and watch out for tunnels,” Justin told DodgerBlue.com.

“We are going to take it a little slower this year. Last year we kind of winged it and as we were driving we kind of decided where we were going to stop. We were scrambling to make reservations at RV places, which wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be.

“So this year we kind of planned it out and also last year we drove 10 to 14 hours a day, got in late and woke up early, so didn’t really get to enjoy RV’ing. So this year we planned all our stops to get in around 4 or 5 o’clock so we can get set up in camp, enjoy the campground a little bit and then get off to an early start in the morning.

“So we’ll see how this one goes versus the hurry up and get there version of it.”

One of the scheduled stops Kourtney was most looking forward to was a natural hot springs in Utah. “You book a two-hour reservation, and I cannot wait for that,” she said. “I’ve never been to one, but that will be my one hour of soaking in hot springs and relaxing.”

And while having reservations at RV parks this year did address one issue, Kourtney noted it also “adds a little bit of pressure” to ensure they drive the necessary hours each day in order to arrive at their destination in time.

Getting more time behind the wheel was also something Kourtney hoped would change from 2022. “Last year I think I did only two hours, and it happened to be while we were driving through Vail and there was a snowstorm, so that was a very stressful two hours,” she said.

“This year Justin said we’ll be splitting the driving evenly, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Justin Turner Foundation gives back

Earlier this month Justin and Kourtney were on hand at the Variety Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles to unveil a remodeled learning center that was completed through their Justin Turner Foundation.

The renovation brought new tables, chairs, lounge furniture, laptops, organizational items and a specifically-requested pop-a-shot to the Brent’s Club room.

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