Jared Dudley Calls LeBron James Favorite Lakers Teammate

Jared Dudley was one of the first players in 2019 NBA free agency to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dudley joined on a minimum deal because he wanted a chance to win a championship and play alongside two of the best players in the NBA. And despite the fact that Dudley does not see the court much by means of playing time, he has quickly become a great voice and presence in the locker room.

As Dudley does on all of his teams, he is known for being very open and honest with the media and on social media about what’s going on. The 2019-20 NBA season has not been different at all as Dudley has been plugged in with fans and media alike responding to Lakers issues and giving away tickets on a regular basis.

When asked who his favorite teammate is, Dudley easily picked James simply due to the stories that he has to tell from his illustrious future Hall of Fame career in a recent interview with Bill Oram of The Athletic:

Bron. Because he has the best stories. LeBron has the best stories because he’s seen more of the world, he’s been with more people, he’s won championships. It would be like if you had an 80-year-old grandmother, or your grandfather with war stories in World War I or World War II. He has the best stories. His insight and knowledge and inside information is unlike anybody else I’ve ever been around. Him and Shaq.

While James likely will take some light-hearted offense at the 80-year-old grandfather comments, the sentiment is extremely positive. Dudley is playing just 7.8 minutes per game and rather than complain or want out of Los Angeles, he has stuck true to his word of being a ‘star in his role’ and has been a positive presence for the Lakers all season.

It’s hard to imagine James or anyone else on the team having any issues with Dudley and it seems as though they’re all big fans of what he does for the team. Especially when it’s considered that he plays well every time he’s asked to give significant minutes to the team.

Dudley was also at the forefront of the on-court scuffle involving Dwight Howard and showed that no matter what the consequence, he’s willing to fight for his teammates.

Dudley truly is a star in his role and through the various ups and downs of an NBA season, he’s a player every team wants in the locker room.