Freddie Freeman Confident Dodgers Will Overcome Recent Struggles

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The Los Angeles Dodgers went just 2-4 on their road trip and have now lost six of nine games in June. In their last 10 games, they have just three wins.

A lot of that has to do with the state of their pitching staff, but the offense has also been inconsistent during this stretch. Overall, the Dodgers just have not played good baseball, and the results are showing it.

But Freddie Freeman is looking at the bright side of the struggles, pointing out that three of their losses came during the final inning, which means the Dodgers had an opportunity to win each one, via SportsNet LA:

“Three walk-offs, you can always say those are missed opportunities. You could also say we were in every single game too. Bottom line, no one wants to hear excuses or anything. We lost four games on the road trip and three of them were walk-offs that unfortunately … I wanted to win those.”

This season, the Dodgers have played below .500 on the road. While they are 20-10 (.667) at home, they have gone just 17-18 (.486) away from Dodger Stadium.

There may be some randomness involved there, and teams generally play worse away from home to begin with, but that is a pretty significant difference, and Freeman isn’t sure why that is:

“I don’t have one. We’re just not winning on the road. We’re not doing anything different on the road compared to at home, other than we hit first. I don’t know.”

Still, Freeman remains confident the Dodgers will figure it out and get back on track:

“Oh yeah. We’re a good team, and we know it. We’ll get going.”

If the Dodgers can tread water until players start to get healthy, or they make some additions at the trade deadline, the team will be in a good spot to compete moving forward.

Even despite their struggles, the Dodgers still hold a 37-29 record, which puts them in the top Wild Card spot with a three-game lead. They currently trail the red-hot Arizona Diamondbacks by 3.5 games in the National League West standings.

Freddie Freeman: Dodgers played better than record on season-long road trip

During May, the Dodgers went on their longest road trip of the season at 10 games, which comprised of three tough opponents in the St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves and Tampa Bay Rays.

The Dodgers went 4-6 in those games, but Freeman believed they played better than their record indicated.

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