Dodgers Video: Walker Buehler, Joc Pederson & Justin Turner Analyze “Bull Durham,” “Major League” & More Baseball Movies For GQ Sports

Though the Los Angeles Dodgers have taken a business-like approach under manager Dave Roberts, the roster continuously has featured players with plenty of personality and flare.

Kiké Hernandez arguably is at the forefront of that amongst the Dodgers’ current players, though the likes of Walker Buehler, Cody Bellinger, Rich Hill, Justin Turner and even Clayton Kershaw are known to take part in a light-hearted clubhouse moment or two.

On the heels of a handful of Dodgers recently participating in a blindfold taste test with BuzzFeed, Buehler, Joc Pederson and Turner sat with GQ to analyze famous baseball movies, such as, “Bull Durham,” “Hardball,” “Major League,” “The Natural,” “Eastbound & Down” and “42.”

The trio began with “Bull Durham” and it led to Turner immediately drawing a parallel between Buehler and Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh, a pitcher determined to throw what he prefers and not what the catcher is calling for.

Buehler didn’t object to the comparison, noting that pitchers have often done their own scouting and are aware of what may be best to throw.

Next was “Hardball,” which Buehler was chastised by Pederson and Turner for never having seen. The two older Dodgers appreciated the realness of the movie and the importance music played led to a separate conversation over what the Dodgers listen to.

Pederson then related with the impassioned reactions from “Major League,” which he explained can amount to an equipment fine from MLB. A silver lining, Pederson noted, is the $100 fine goes to charity.

Pederson’s power swing was also a point of discussion. He was second on the team this year with 36 home runs and went on a tear late into the season while using one of Andre Ethier’s old bats. Turner slugged 27 homers to tie a career high initially set in 2016.