Dodgers News: Mookie Betts ‘Playing Pretty Normal’ After Rib Fracture

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The Los Angeles Dodgers received a major reinforcement last week as Mookie Betts was activated off the 10-day injured list. He had been sidelined for two weeks due to a fractured right rib that was sustained while colliding with Cody Bellinger on June 15.

Because the fractured rib is in a spot that doesn’t move, the chances to further injure it are slim. That allowed Betts to return to the field within the timeline the Dodgers originally set.

Since rejoining the team, Betts has gone 6-for-19 (.316 batting average) with two doubles, three home runs and five RBI in five games.

“You know, it doesn’t really hurt,” Betts said when asked how he has been able to navigate his rib injury and be successful at the same time.

“So I’m pretty much playing normal. Only thing that hurts would be like to the touch, that’s why I can’t really dive for anything. But other than that, I’m still playing pretty normal.”

While Betts feels he is close to 100%, he still has been limited to some degree. That was evident in the ninth inning of Thursday’s matchup against the Chicago Cubs as Betts couldn’t fully extend for a ball that fell for a double.

“I wanted to dive, but something in my body just didn’t allow me to dive,” Betts explained. “But hopefully here in another week or so I’ll be healed up fully and I can dive.”

Betts: Dodgers haven’t played to full potential

The Dodgers own the best record in the National League and are well on their way toward a 10th consecutive postseason appearance but Betts believes the team hasn’t quite played to their potential. “I think we’ve played alright,” he began.

“We haven’t really got hot like we’re capable of, but we’ve been able to be somewhat kind of consistent, and that’s kind of the name of the game. In the end hopefully we can get on a run and make a bigger gap. Until then we’ve got to take it one game at a time.”

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