Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Starting Against Twins Despite Mother Passing Away

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Clayton Kershaw is expected to make a scheduled start for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night despite his mother passing away over the weekend.

Ellen Kershaw was representing Kershaw’s Challenge at a Dodgers Dreamfields unveiling in conjunction with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation when she revealed Marianne Tombaugh died.

“I wish Clayton could be here and he wishes he could be here,” Ellen began.

“What he would say is he grew up playing on a field just like this one. It’s where he fell in love with the game of baseball. He learned how to throw a baseball, how to spit sunflower seeds, and he even hit a home run or two.

Here’s Ellen Kershaw’s heartfelt message.

— Matthew Moreno (@Matthew__Moreno) May 14, 2023

“Most importantly, he learned life lessons. He learned how heartbreaking the loss of a baseball game could be, but also how to dust the dirt off his pants, pick his glove back up, and try again. He learned how to be a teammate, one that celebrates the guys on his team even more than his own accomplishments.

“He learned humility. That you could be a superstar hero one night, or give up eight runs the next night. He learned there’s no better sound than the crack of a bat, or the pop of a ball hitting the glove. Clayton grew up with a baseball in his hand, ready to play a game in a sandlot or on a ball field like this one, at a moment’s notice.

“And now he’s getting to re-live that falling in love with the game feeling in the eyes of his kids and through the eyes of kids like y’all. One person in particular who cultivated that love in Clayton, his dear mama, Marianne, who moved mountains to get him to baseball practice and games.

“She sat front row, cheering him on not so subtly and would keep score to keep her nerves at bay. So today, we dedicate this field to his sweet mom, who passed away and went to be with the Lord [Saturday] morning.”

Clayton Kershaw likely going on bereavement list

Although Kershaw is expected to make his next start, that will likely be followed by taking some time away from the Dodgers.

“Once he makes the start, I’m sure there’s going to be some things that are going to take place, and take part in a ceremony of service, if that’s what they choose,” manager Dave Roberts said.

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