Dodgers News: A.J. Pollock Responds With ‘Whatever’ Attitude To Diamondbacks’ Archie Bradley’s Reaction

With the Los Angeles Dodgers looking to complete an 11th walk-off win this season, A.J. Pollock appeared to be hit in the left wrist by a fastball from Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher.

The ball went into the air and was caught by Carson Kelly, who hit tying and game-winning home runs. Despite Pollock’s immediate reaction suggesting otherwise, home-plate umpire Ramon De Jesus ruled the ball hit off the knob of the bat and awarded the Diamondbacks with an out.

The Dodgers’ challenge of the call proved futile. “I have an EvoShield that I tape up, and it hit about 60% of that and 40% of my bone,” Pollock said after the Dodgers’ loss.

“I just can’t believe it. If we’ve got replay, it’s a main part of the game, we should have some cameras on the guy at home. They didn’t get it (right), I don’t know how they didn’t get that, but they didn’t.”

Sensing the original call would be overturned, Pollock made his way down to first base, and had to walk back across the field to the dugout after the MLB replay center delivered its ruling. Pollock appeared to further protest the call before walking off the field, which agitated Bradley.

The fiery relief pitcher shouted at his former teammate as he awaited play to resume, then had more words for the Dodgers dugout after completing the save. Players exchanged words and both benches cleared onto the field.

“I don’t know what he was doing,” Pollock said of Bradley’s actions. “Honestly, when you get smoked in the wrist — it didn’t hit the knob or anything, it was all wrist — you have a little bit of faith in New York that they’re going to see that.

“I don’t know how they didn’t. I’m just walking off, I’m not really excited about their call. I’m not going to sprint off and be all giggly. He didn’t like that. Tough. Whatever.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts explained his club took exception to Bradley instigating matters by gesturing for Pollock to hurry off the field. He additionally was not pleased with Diamondbacks starter Robbie Ray emerging from the clubhouse despite being dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.

“That looks to me as staffer,” Roberts explained. “After you’re out of the game, to be out on the field in shorts, he doesn’t need to be out there.”

As for the apparent missed call, Roberts uncharacteristically had sharp criticism. “Typically, I’m very political with umpiring, but they missed it. That’s just the fact,” he said.

“You have a system in place to get it right, and it was clearly wrong. That impacted the game. Very rarely do I say a play impacts a game, but first and second base, nobody out, versus first base with one out, changes the complexion of that inning. Anyone who knows the game understands that.”