Dodgers Injury Update: Miguel Rojas Not Concerned By Right Foot Cramp

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Miguel Rojas didn’t figure to play all of Sunday’s game anyhow, but his exit in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ comeback win against the Chicago Cubs came due to a right foot cramp rather than workload decision.

Rojas singled in his second at-bat of the game but immediately limped out of the batter’s box and attempted to stretch his right leg upon getting to first base. Rojas walked gingerly off the field with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and a trainer, but isn’t worried about his availability moving forward.

“Even going back to the Minors, just first games kind of trying to go two, trying to be careful, but this is something that always kind of got me,” Rojas said of the cramp.

“I guess I need to do a real better job of hydrating and drinking more water and all that, but I just think it’s a cramp in my calf. And I even was feeling it a little bit on my foot. So I should be OK for [Monday]. I just couldn’t play through it. I definitely look forward to being out there [Monday].”

With how the Dodgers manage playing time early into Spring Training, it likely had already been determined Rojas would not be in the lineup against the San Diego Padres.

However, there still will be a morning workout at Camelback Ranch that the veteran likely may want to participate in.

Roberts also didn’t express any concern over the minor injury, and noted “there was really not a whole lot of upside” to possibly leaving Rojas in the game after he took two at-bats.

Miguel Rojas embracing utility role

Although the 34-year-old was an everyday shortstop with the Miami Marlins, getting traded to the Dodgers has brought about a change in role.

“I just want to be part of the process,” Rojas said of being a utility player. “This club is good enough to actually mix and match with a lot of the pitching side of things. And I just want to be able to help the team that way. I can play the four defensive spots in the infield and even take some reps in left field if I need to.

“I just want to make sure that I’m here to serve and to help others, and I think my job is going to be easier that way. Playing for the last couple years of my career where I feel like I need to be the guy, I need to be the guy at short every single day, and you don’t get that many breaks when you play every single day.

“My goals haven’t changed. I want to play 162 games but I understand that my role is a little bit different. And I just want to be a piece of the puzzle. So I’m happy with that and I’m just happy to be here.”

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