Dave Roberts Picks ‘The Sandlot’ Costumes As Favorite From 2022 Dodgers Dress-Up Day

Originally published by DodgerBlue.com

The Los Angeles Dodgers held their annual dress-up day this past Sunday for the team’s final flight of the regular season outside of California, which has become a tradition in recent seasons.

Many players participated in the festivities, including Trea Turner, who went as “Jordan Belfort” from “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Belfort of course is the inspiration behind the Dodgers’ head-tap celebration.

Cody Bellinger, Joey Gallo, Andre Jackson and Justin Turner dressed up as Chippendales dancers, which had social media buzzing.

While those outfits were noteworthy, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts chose Gavin Lux, Miguel Vargas and Chris Taylor dressing up as characters from “The Sandlot” as his favorite costumes, via SportsNet LA:

“Our guys did a great job, and full confession, I did not (dress up). I stayed back, I’m sending my daughter off to college. The guys did a great job. Very clever, Hollywood and Tinseltown was certainly the theme. There were some really good ones. … I think my favorite was ‘Sandlot.’ I loved those guys coming together. Miguel Vargas, great job being Benny. It’s one of my kids’ favorite movies. The way they put it together was really good.”

As Roberts noted, Vargas dressed up as “Benny The Jet”, who is one of the main characters from “The Sandlot.” Taylor went as “Squints” and Lux appeared as “Smalls.”

“The Sandlot” is one of the most popular baseball movies of all-time and beloved by even non-sports fans. However, Vargas had never seen the movie until right before the Dodgers dress-up day.

Dodgers dress-up day: Bellinger misunderstood Turner’s chippendales costume

During an interview on MLB Network, Turner revealed that Bellinger was confused after agreeing to dress up as a Chippendale dancer. Bellinger had been under the impression he and Turner would dress as Chip ‘n’ Dale, the famous chipmunks who are Rescue Rangers.

That prompted Bellinger to raise questions and express confusion with teammates over the outfits associated with the dance troupe.

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