Can The Los Angeles Lakers Win The 2020 NBA Championship?

The NBA season is well past the midpoint and with the regular season end coming up now is a great time to look at how the Los Angeles Lakers are faring. Of course, this also gives Lakers fans the chance to put some money down on their team to maybe win some more games as we head towards the playoffs. Even Lakers fans far away in places including Pennsylvania can use the Sugarhouse Sports Betting PA site to do so.

But just how has the 2019/20 season unfolded so far for the side? To say it has been a resounding success would be fair. They sit on top of the NBA Western Conference with 44 wins in 56 games and have daylight between them and the Nuggets in second place. This makes them certain to make it into the NBA Playoffs 2020 when the regular season ends.

Of course, this automatically leads many fans of the team to ask if they can go all the way this season and into the NBA Finals. With the form, they have shown and the players they have, it would seem to be a good shout. But just what will be key to their chances?

The Partnership Between James and Caruso

One of the positives this season for the Lakers has been the blossoming partnership between LeBron James and Alex Caruso. While most of the attention will naturally rest on global star James, teammate Caruso should also get the plaudits. He is constantly in the right place on the court to not only complement what James is doing but also sets up screens and covers key defensive duties. This blends very well with the attacking abilities of LeBron and allows him to play his natural game. To make it all the way this year, this is a partnership that needs to continue flourishing for the Lakers.

Keeping the Defense Tight

The Lakers started off the 2019/20 season with a great defense. This allowed them to generally keep it tight when other teams were coming at them and to launch fast counters. To make it all the way in 2020, they must keep this defense solid and not let fatigue lower standards. The recent victory over the Memphis Grizzlies showed signs of a defense that was not always at its best and this may be a worry for some fans. It would be a concern if they met the Grizzlies again. When the team is focused and on its game, then it is almost unstoppable this year – the problem is keeping their focus when defending.

Injuries to key players being avoided

 This could be a real worry for Lakers fans in terms of their team going all the way this time around. With a few games left before the playoffs even start, there is still time for injuries to key players to take their toll. Of course, the two major worries for the LA-based team would be LeBron James or Anthony Davis picking up an injury that would rule them out. Their importance was demonstrated by how the performance against the Grizzlies dipped when Davis was off the court getting treatment for a bruised calf. He and James are the attacking firepower, and they have the scoring prowess which could be crucial to the side making it their year. If either (or both!) gets injured, it could be tough going.

End The Season With Momentum

The record they have to date shows just what a dominant force the Lakers have been in the Western Conference this season. What might be the key to their chances of making it through the playoffs and winning the NBA Finals is keeping this momentum going into post-season. If they take their foot off the gas in the remaining regular games, it could be hard to then pick up the performance levels when the post-season starts. It would be much better to keep going at full pelt and enter the post-season with confidence at an all-time high. Hitting the magic 65 wins in the regular season would certainly help.

Can The Lakers Win It All?

The short answer is that there is every chance that they could. Of course, the Clippers and Kawhi Leonard may have something to say about it, but the 2019/20 Lakers will fear no-one after being so successful.