Betting on the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2024

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In an unprecedented move that has baseball fans buzzing with excitement, the Los Angeles Dodgers are set to kick off their 2024 season on foreign soil, facing off against the San Diego Padres in a highly anticipated Seoul Series in Korea later this month.

This historic opening series, marking the first time the Dodgers have begun their season in Asia, underlines Major League Baseball’s growing international appeal and efforts to globalize the beloved American pastime. With the Dodgers’ roster boasting some of the sport’s most talented players, this international opener is a showcase of high-caliber baseball and a testament to the team’s global popularity and commitment to expanding its international fan base.

As the Dodgers prepare for their season debut in Korea, speculation and anticipation are mounting over their prospects of capturing the World Series title come October. Coming off a strong performance in the previous season and with a lineup that blends experienced veterans with promising newcomers, the Dodgers are widely regarded as formidable contenders for the championship. Their off-season acquisitions and strategic adjustments have only bolstered their already potent roster, setting the stage for what many believe could be a memorable run toward the 2024 World Series.

With the eyes of the baseball world on them, the Dodgers are poised to make a statement on the international stage, underscoring their ambition and resolve to return to the pinnacle of Major League Baseball.

Betting on the Dodgers

Following New Jersey’s landmark Supreme Court victory in May 2018, legal sports betting on baseball has become accessible to many Americans. The anticipation around California’s sports betting legalization is palpable, with predictions suggesting it could open up a staggering $2.5 billion market. Legalized MLB betting would enable Dodgers fans to place bets on their team directly in California, either in person or online, further intensifying the game’s excitement.

Betting on Major League Baseball offers a plethora of options, including futures, moneyline wagers (picking the winner), the run-line (a point spread for the winner), runs totals (combined score), and an array of player and team proposition bets available throughout the season and for individual games.

MLB Futures

Engaging with the season through future bets remains a thrilling season-long prospect. These bets, typically placed before the season kicks off, can cover Division, League, or World Series champions. Despite the potentially long odds, betting on a team like the Dodgers, the current +320 favorites to win the World Series, offers bettors a way to enjoy the entire season and playoffs.

Betting MLB futures is very straightforward. For instance, a $100 bet on the New York Yankees at +800 odds would result in a $800 win, while betting a longshot like the Boston Red Sox at +5000 odds would result in a $5,000 payday.

Money Line Wagers

The moneyline wager, the simplest and most common bet, involves choosing the game’s winner. The payout structure might seem complex, with the favorite team marked by a minus (-) and the underdog by a plus (+), indicating the potential payout. For example, betting on the underdog might yield higher returns than betting on the favorite, necessitating a larger bet to win a set amount.

Run Line Wagering

The run line typically sets the favorite at -1.5 runs and the underdog at +1.5, requiring the favorite to win by at least two runs. This bet is akin to a point spread in basketball or football, with payout structures similar to moneyline wagers.

Runs Totals Betting (O/U)

This betting form, known as over-under, involves predicting if the combined scores will be over or under a predetermined number. Unlike moneyline bets, runs totals bets focus on the score rather than the game’s winner, with both sides of the bet usually featuring -110 odds, meaning a $110 bet is needed to win $100.

As California edges closer to legalizing sports betting, the landscape of wagering on baseball, especially for Dodgers fans, is set to become even more vibrant and engaging.