Adrian Gonzalez Representing Los Angeles Dodgers In Home Run Derby X

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Major League Baseball announced the creation of Home Run Derby X (HRDX), which will feature four teams represented by a former player, superstar, rookie and wild card. Fresh into officially retiring and beginning a broadcasting career, Adrian Gonzalez is representing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Superstars are going to be picked among the best talent from softball and women’s baseball. Rookies will be selected from the baseball development system, and wild cards are influential content creators.

Home Run Derby X is scheduled to take place at Crystal Palace Park in London on July 9, in Seoul (venue to be announced) on Sept. 17, and Mexico City (venue to be announced) on Oct. 15.

The event and global tour takes inspiration from the annual Home Run Derby that is part of MLB All-Star Game festivities. However, Home Run Derby X is unique in that it is played on a smaller version of a baseball field.

Home plate is mounted on a stage and the pitcher’s mound will be on a podium. The field of play has been adjusted so that it is adaptable to fit within festival sites and stadiums, among other potential venues.

Each event will feature live music, baseball-inspired activities, ballpark food, fashion, gaming and more to provide fans with an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees are also going to compete in the first-of-its-kind Derby. Jonny Gomes, Geo Soto and Nick Swisher join Gonzalez as former players who are participating.

“I think Home Run Derby X is a great way to bring more eyes to baseball on a worldwide level and it will feel great to represent the Dodgers organization in these events,” Gonzalez said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to meeting baseball fans in different parts of the world.”

Details about tickets for Home Run Derby X events will be released in the near future.

HRDX scoring

Each batter has one at-bat of 25 pitches and they will attempt to hit home runs while the opponent has outfielders trying to make catches. A home run amounts to one point for offense, but a catch awards one point to the defense.

The Home Run Derby X will also feature targeted areas in the infield and beyond the fence, and a hot streak for batters — when five consecutive pitches can lead to double points for a home run or target hit, but a catch is also worth that amount for the defense.

The four teams will compete in a bracket style competition at each event and based on where they finish, will be awarded points to determine their position on the Home Run Derby X Tour leaderboard.

The leaderboard will determine seedings for the final event of the tour, which will be played as a knock-out competition to determine the Home Run Derby X Tour Champions.

Home Run Derby X teams

Boston Red Sox: Jonny Gomes (MLB legend), Paige Halstead (superstar), Liv Cooke (wild card), rookie to be announced

Chicago Cubs: Geo Soto (MLB legend), Alex Hugo (superstar), Spencer Owen (wild card), rookie to be announced

Los Angeles Dodgers:

Adrian Gonzalez (MLB legend), Ashton Lansdell (superstar), Yoongy Kwak, (wild card), rookie to be announced

New York Yankees: Nick Swisher (MLB legend) Erika Piancastelli (superstar), Stefania Aradillas (superstar — Mexico only), Daniel Corral (wild card), rookie to be announced

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