A Deeper Look at Jacob Trouba’s new seven year deal with New York Rangers

Jacob Trouba was acquired by the New York Rangers essentially for Winnipeg’s old first-round pick (see Kevin Hayes deal). The expectation was that Trouba and the Rangers were close to a new contract.

That came to fruition on Friday as Jacob Trouba signed a seven-year, $56 million pact to stay in Gotham. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Rangers’ top defenseman.

What Jacob Trouba means to the New York Rangers

Again, Trouba’s deal was almost done on Thursday as the basic parameters were spelled out by Larry Brooks. Trouba expected to be paid like a top-defenseman no matter what. Evolving Wild projected the seven-year term to come out to a $6.873 million approximately.

Jacob Trouba became paid almost like an unrestricted free agent at 25-years old. The question is can he produce like one on the big stage? New York paid Trouba like a restricted free agent who could have demanded an even bigger payday if he went to arbitration again. That is a fact. Trouba could have received $8.5-9 million AAV that way.

Now, the contract is signed and sealed. The first question asked has to be is the breakout sustainable. Is Trouba a 45-50 point player going forward? That answer looks to be yes. Simply, the defenseman generates chances well enough and will play on the top power-play unit in New York. This unit features Artemi Panarin now for starters. That is a major upgrade.

Trouba upgrades a defense that was pedestrian enough to allow nearly 38 shots per 60 last season over the second half. His relative possession numbers rated average relative to Winnipeg but an improvement over what was seen in New York. New York has some ways to go to rebuild the blueline but this was a good step. Trouba is a young, puck-moving defenseman on the good side of his career.

This helps solidify the top-pairing at least for New York when it comes to even-strength and the power play. It’s a start. Next, there is the numerology.

The numerology of Jacob Trouba

Fortunately, Trouba’s numbers improved enough from an overall points standpoint. His overall metrics the last three seasons were better than most gave the defenseman credit for.

We look at the previous three seasons in one snapshot. Thanks to Bill Comeau once again.

Jacob Trouba
Bill Comeau’s three-year snapshot of Jacob Trouba.

Consequently, many positive numbers exist here for New York fans and media to digest. Trouba’s even-strength numbers are good and his power-play numbers improved dramatically once he saw consistent time on the top unit. Injuries helped that scenario last year but it showed that Jacob Trouba could handle some tougher minutes.

Alas, tougher minutes expect to be the norm in New York. Fortunately, with an upgraded top line, Trouba should get some considerable help there. No one would be surprised if the Rangers defenseman played close to 24-25 minutes a night in 2019-20.

Yes, these three-year numbers changing a bit in 2019-20 would not be surprising. However, do not be shocked if Trouba scores 10+ goals and generates 20-25+ power-play points. The shots and chances are there in the underlying numbers at least.

Also, Trouba plays a physical enough game with his puck movement to set up some offensive scenarios New York hasn’t seen in some time. Ultimately, New York improves because of Trouba and by a good margin.

The details of the Jacob Trouba deal

Trouba Contract:

19-20: $4M Salary, $8M Signing Bonus
20-21: $2M Salary, $8M SB
21-22: $2M Salary, $6M SB
22-23: $6M Salary
23-24: $8M Salary
24-25: $6M Salary
25-26: $6M Salary

NMC Clause 20-21 to 23-24. Limited No Trade Years 6/7https://t.co/mpJUQTcaqt

— PuckPedia (@PuckPedia) July 19, 2019

The final two years of the Trouba contract involve a 15 team NTC and a 12 team NTC respectively. Debate rages on as to how much of an overpay the defenseman is.

Some final words on Jacob Trouba

Finally, the New York Rangers acquired and signed a top-four defenseman that can immediately help. Furthermore, Trouba is on the good side of the age arc as they say. There lie lots of expectations for him and Artemi Panarin. If both can deliver, New York vaults easily into the playoff conversation.

One thing is certain. Trouba will find out quickly that New York is far from a dull place on and off the ice.