2023 NLDS: Diamondbacks Wouldn’t Have Stopped Dodgers From Celebrating In Chase Field Pool

Originally published by DodgerBlue.com

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ stretch of winning 10 National League West titles over the last 11 seasons began in 2013, when the team defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks and memorably took their celebration from the clubhouse to the Chase Field pool.

The Dodgers’ impromptu pool party drew the ire of the Diamondbacks and has made for underlying tension since that point.

When L.A. completed a sweep of Arizona in the 2017 NL Division Series, the Diamondbacks had police officers on horseback stand along the warning track to prevent the Dodgers from possibly celebrating their win in the Chase Field pool.

Then in 2022, the Diamondbacks again sent sheriffs to guard the pool area as the Dodgers celebrated another NL West title at Chase Field.

With the teams playing in this year’s NL Division Series, Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall suggested the organization would not have been against the Dodgers celebrating in the Chase Field pool.

“The rivalry was strong and thriving then, which is a good thing,” Hall recalled of the Dodgers’ pool party in 2013. “I think looking back it’s all in good fun. And it’s a completely different group of guys here on the other side as well.

“This place is special to me. I’ve got a history here. I grew up a Dodger fan, always wanted to work for the Dodgers. Was fortunate enough to be able to do that.

“To go from Vero Beach to L.A., and to work for so many different ownership groups here, including the O’Malleys, this place will always have a special spot in my heart. So it is all in good fun.

“Just coming back here and seeing everybody I worked with for so many years who are still here, that’s beautiful. You talk about stability, it’s everywhere you walk around in this historic place.

“But look, we know this team here, they’re so good, and year after year they proved if you’re going to go somewhere, you’ve got to go through them. And they’ve earned that. They have the right to celebrate however they want, wherever they want. They’ve certainly earned that opportunity.”

With the Dodgers down 2-0 to the Diamondbacks, they won’t be able to celebrate a potential NLDS win in the Chase Field pool this year.

On the flip side, Diamondbacks executive vice president and general manager Mike Hazen hinted the club could bring the festivities to the pool if they are able to eliminate the Dodgers at home. “I wouldn’t mind jumping in the pool again,” Hazen said.

The Diamondbacks previously celebrated their postseason appearance in the Chase Field pool, and Hazen was among the participants.

Derrick Hall Dodgers history

Hall joined the Diamondbacks in May 2005 after spending 12 seasons with the Dodgers from 1992-2004. He began as an intern and departed as the organization’s senior vice president of communications.

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