2019 World Series And MLB Postseason Schedule Begins Oct. 1 With NL Wild Card Game

While races for two of the National League division and the Wild Card Game remain tight, MLB announced its 2019 postseason schedule, which begins Tuesday, Oct. 1, with the NL Wild Card Game. The American League Wild Card teams will play Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Both NL Division Series begin Thursday, Oct. 2, and all four teams will play Game 2 of their respective series the following day. Should either series go the distance, Game 5s are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Similarly, both ALDS matchups will play Game 1 on the same day as well, which is Friday, Oct. 4. If either ALDS reaches a Game 5, that’s set for Thursday, Oct. 10.

Game 1 of the NL Championship Series is due to be played Friday, Oct. 11, with Game 2 set for the following day. If the NLCS goes to a Game 7, that would be played Saturday, Oct. 19.

The ALCS begins Saturday, Oct. 13, and could extend to Sunday, Oct. 21, should the teams play to a Game 7.

Regardless of how each LCS unfolds, the World Series begins Tuesday, Oct. 21, with Game 1 and the entire series televised live on FOX.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to extend their unprecedented streak of NL West division titles to seven in a row. They comfortably have the top record in the NL and the best record in baseball, though by a slimmer margin at 74-40.

Thus, the Dodgers are currently tracking to face the winner of the Wild Card Game in the NLDS.

If the Dodgers maintain the best overall record in baseball, they would earn home-field advantage throughout the entire postseason. Such was the case in 2017, while in 2018, the Dodgers required a Game 163 just to win their division, so they did not have home-field in either the NLCS or World Series.

Meanwhile, the Houston Astros, New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins are all in the running for the best record in the AL.

A programming note for Dodgers fans, the NL portion of the postseason will be on TBS this year, so if Joe Davis calls a postseason series for Fox, it will be an AL series.

Complete 2019 MLB postseason and World Series schedules included below, along with TV information. Start times have not yet been announced.

NL Wild Card Game

Tuesday, Oct. 1 (TBS)

AL Wild Card Game

Wednesday, Oct. 2 (ESPN)


Game 1: Thursday, Oct. 3, home (TBS)
Game 2: Friday, Oct. 4, home (TBS)
Game 3: Sunday, Oct. 6, away (TBS)
Game 4*: Monday, Oct. 7, away (TBS)
Game 5*: Wednesday, Oct. 9, home (TBS)


Game 1: Friday, Oct. 4, home (FS1 or MLB Network)
Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 5, home (FS1 or MLB Network)
Game 3: Monday, Oct. 7, away (FS1 or MLB Network)
Game 4*: Tuesday, Oct. 8, away (FS1)
Game 5*: Thursday, Oct. 10, home (FS1)


Game 1: Friday, Oct. 11, home (TBS)
Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 12, home (TBS)
Game 3: Monday, Oct. 14, away (TBS)
Game 4: Tuesday, Oct. 15, away (TBS)
Game 5*: Wednesday, Oct. 16, away (TBS)
Game 6*: Friday, Oct. 18, home (TBS)
Game 7*: Saturday, Oct. 19, home (TBS)


Game 1: Saturday, Oct. 12, home (FOX or FS1)
Game 2: Sunday, Oct. 13, home (FOX or FS1)
Game 3: Tuesday, Oct. 15, away (FOX or FS1)
Game 4: Wednesday, Oct. 16, away (FOX or FS1)
Game 5*: Thursday, Oct. 17, away (FOX or FS1)
Game 6*: Saturday, Oct. 19, home (FOX or FS1)
Game 7*: Sunday, Oct. 20, home (FOX or FS1)

World Series

Game 1: Tuesday, Oct. 22, home (FOX)
Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 23, home (FOX)
Game 3: Friday, Oct. 25, away (FOX)
Game 4: Saturday, Oct. 26, away (FOX)
Game 5*: Sunday, Oct. 27, away (FOX)
Game 6*: Tuesday, Oct. 29, home (FOX)
Game 7*: Wednesday, Oct. 30, home (FOX)

*If necessary