Wizards’ John Wall Practiced Thursday; Return Could Be Soon

Wizards’ John Wall Practiced Thursday; Return Could Be Soon

10:56 am

8493529Well, we finally have some better news for the Wizards’ John Wall with this simple report from Craig Stouffer of The Washington Examiner. Here it is:


That basically means the Wizards point guard is returning sooner than later. A lot of us (especially Wizards fans) have been waiting for this day. And Wall expected to return this month, anyway.

Now I’m curious to see how Wall plays when he returns. Obviously, I don’t expect him to be excellent immediately; he is coming off an injury, after all. There will also be some rust since he hasn’t played an NBA game yet this season. Maybe I’m asking for too much if I expect to see improvement in his game.

Unfortunately, time doesn’t wait for anybody. Wall is in his third season and this is around the time of players’ careers where the front office and coaches see what kind of player they see. Plus I’m sure Wall expected this team to be better but the Wizards are a putrid 4-26 so far this year.

John Wall was expected to be a savior of some sorts for Washington (although Stan Van Gundy doesn’t see him as someone to build around). He may still be but unless we see immense improvement from him, it’s looking less likely. Wall didn’t improve (if anything, he regressed) in his second season. His three-point shot was completely off (.071 last year) and he didn’t seem to get better on all the other facets of his game.

In the 2012 Rising Stars Challenge, he was picked 12th out of a pool of 16 bright rookies and sophomores and was picked behind guys like Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio, Jeremy Lin, and Brandon Jennings. Those guys are getting way more chatter now than the seemingly-forgotten Wall.

It’s going to be real uphill climb for Wall, especially if the Wizards keep losing (they lost again last night, this time to the Pacers). Here’s hoping for the best.