Will Murray Have Enough ‘Power’ to Re-sign Perry and Getzlaf?

Will Murray Have Enough ‘Power’ to Re-sign Perry and Getzlaf?

7:45 am

USATSI_8389130_154224518_lowresEach week, many hockey fans look forward Elliotte Friedman’s ’30 Thoughts’ piece on CBC.ca. Though it can be a long read sometimes, it’s always filled with goodness.

The full version can be found at ‘30 Thoughts: Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf take priority on Ducks‘, but we’ll take a quick look at the situation that faces the Anaheim Ducks this season.

Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray said his “biggest priority” is to re-sign both Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. The agents for both are expected to sit down with Murray once the team returns from their opening road trip to Vancouver and Calgary.

“I love those guys,” Murray told Eric Stephens of The Orange County Register. “They’re winners.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to sign them.”

This is good news for Ducks fans, but will both want to remain with Ducks may the question. The Ducks started talks with Getzlaf and Perry in the summer. Getzlaf wanted to wait and see what the new CBA would bring. Perry’s talks went further, but the Ducks owner, Henry Samueli, made it clear he wanted no part in back-diving contracts like Zach Parise’s.

Getzlaf may be more attached to the community than Perry. He brought his family to the area, and has built a home. Friedman wonders if Perry would explore moving closer to his parents in Ontario. Friedman has no insight into the matter, but knows from experience that it can play a part for some. Perry is really close with his parents.

A bigger issue for both may be the competitiveness of the Ducks. They have missed the playoffs twice, and have only won one of three rounds since their Cup win in 2007. Getzlaf and Perry would sign big deals, and the Ducks payroll tends to be in the middle and not with the top spenders. Would they be able to afford the pieces needed to make them a serious contender year in and year out?