Warriors’ Coach Mark Jackson Says Steph Curry Is “Elite Defender”

Warriors’ Coach Mark Jackson Says Steph Curry Is “Elite Defender”

5:00 pm

8431704So Mark Jackson, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, is saying crazy stuff again. The man that made awful phrases like “Mama, there goes that man,” and “hand down, man down,” popular. Mark Jackson talked to Bay Area Sports Guy after the Warriors lost to Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, 106-96, and here’s what he had to say. Good grief.

“Steph, people think I’m crazy but he’s an elite defender right now. Kyrie Irving is a primetime player that is awfully tough to contain. But one thing about Steph Curry, he’s battling, he’s competing, he’s fighting. He’s making multiple effort plays. He’s contesting shots. And then he’s carrying us offensively at times. It’s great to see him out there healthy and doing the job at both ends.”

Stephen Curry as an elite defender? The guy that gets his ankles messed up so much that you can probably make a 5-minute YouTube mix out of it?

To be fair, he did take what would be a game-winning charge against the Clippers recently. But it’s not like you can mistake Curry for Gary Payton or Rajon Rondo. The guy doesn’t really stop anybody and, yeah, Mark Jackson IS crazy for saying that Curry is an ELITE defender.

I understand point guard is probably the hardest position to defend. But Curry, who is not a natural point guard, is not athletic enough to stay with the point guards in the league. I give him credit for trying. But until he can actually shut down the Rondos, the Chris Pauls, or even the Mike Conleys, I wouldn’t even go past Curry as an adequate defender.

At the very least, I’m pretty positive he can hold down Steve Blake tomorrow night against the Lakers. I think.