Warriors Are Going To Be First Team To Wear Sleeved Uniforms

Warriors Are Going To Be First Team To Wear Sleeved Uniforms

1:38 pm

8483701NBA uniforms have evolved over the years. But the Golden State Warriors are going to do something no team has ever done before. Here’s Paul Lukas from ESPN.com with the story.

The Warriors have just unveiled a new sleeved alternate jersey. It will make its on-court debut on Feb. 22, when Golden State will be hosting the Spurs, and will also be worn on March 8 against the Rockets and March 15 against the Bulls.

According to this story, the sleeved jersey is 26 percent lighter than a standard NBA jersey (although it would presumably be even lighter if you cut off the sleeves). The article also implies that additional NBA teams may eventually go the sleeved route.

I’ve seen sleeved uniforms in college basketball (it’s become less common as of late) but never have I seen sleeved unis in the NBA. I always wondered why I have never seen them in the NBA but there was really never any rule in place that they couldn’t do it. Apparently, according to that article by Lukas, the NBA had briefly considered letting the players wear long-sleeved undershirts a few years back but nothing came out of it.

Of course, with the sleeved uniforms, that means more room for advertisting. You wonder if that’s the real meaning behind the NBA letting the Warriors (and later on, some other teams) wear sleeved unis.

In any case, I dig the look. And some players may look better with the sleeves. Some players aren’t gifted in the arms area so they could use these alternate uniforms.

As mentioned earlier, uniforms have evolved over the years. We’ve seen shorts get longer over the past 30 years. The jerseys have become baggier as well. We’ve seen some padded arm sleeves. We’ve seen some low and high socks. We’ve seen some compression tights. But, again, we have never seen sleeved tops. I’m sure it’ll get great reception amongst the fans.