VIDEO: Warriors’ Stephen Curry Crosses Up Steve Nash, Nails Three

VIDEO: Warriors’ Stephen Curry Crosses Up Steve Nash, Nails Three

10:25 am


The Golden State Warriors received another solid performance from sharpshooter Stephen Curry on Monday night with the up-and-coming guard torching the Los Angeles Lakers for 25 points and 10 assists leading his team to a much-needed win over their division rivals at Oracle Arena.

During last night’s game against the Lakers, Curry had one move that will be replayed over and over again. The team’s leading scorer made 17-year veteran Steve Nash look like it was time to retire with a crossover beyond the arc that left the two-time NBA MVP absolutely helpless.

The three-point specialist brought the ball up the court as usual with Nash guarding him while the Warriors were sporting a 12-point lead. Curry casually strolled up the floor while the Lakers’ defense began to get set in the paint with Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol establishing position.

Before Curry’s teammates could even make the trip down the floor to join him, the All-Star snub crossed up Nash with a through the legs and behind-the-back dribble to create an enormous amount of space to drain the three and put the Warriors up 15 points with about eight and half minutes remaining in the third quarter.