Video: Russell Westbrook Will Block Your Mascot’s Halfcourt Shots

Video: Russell Westbrook Will Block Your Mascot’s Halfcourt Shots

12:16 pm

8488063If you don’t like Russell Westbrook now, I think you will after this video. If you hate Russell Westbrook after this video, it’s safe to assume that you’re a Denver Nuggets fan.

Rocky, the Nuggets’ fantastic mascot, was about to shoot a backwards halfcourt shot in the fourth quarter of the Nuggets/Thunder game. If he made one, fans would get free queso from burrito chain Qdoba. Just as the shot seemingly was about to go in, Westbrook blocks the halfcourt shot and basically goaltends it. I thought it was fantastic of Russell to act the villain in the Pepsi Center.

So every time Westbrook got the ball, he got loudly booed by the Denver crowd (reminiscent of LeBron James getting booed at every road game in the 2010-11 season).

Rocky would attempt that backwards halfcourt shot again. And just when that one was seemingly going to go in, Westbrook blocked it again! This time around, he threw the ball to the crowd. And to add to this heel persona of his, Westbrook would end up tying the game with a three-pointer and sending the game to overtime! It was just perfection.

But the good guys would end up winning in Denver as the Nuggets stripped Westbrook of the ball in the final seconds to preserve a 121-118 win at overtime. Westbrook, however, deserves kudos for playing the villain at Denver and antagonizing Rocky the entire time. I’m sure he was hoping the bad guys would win but in this scene, the good guys of Denver came away with the win.

Well done, Russell.