Video: Lob City Special With Jamal Crawford And Eric Bledsoe

Video: Lob City Special With Jamal Crawford And Eric Bledsoe

10:30 am

8379079Ever since Blake Griffin uttered the words, “Lob City,” after the Clippers acquired Chris Paul, the Clippers have acquired that as a nickname for their team. They made a lot of noise last season although their season ended with a thud against the San Antonio Spurs, who swept them out of the playoffs.

Now Lob City is back and because of the really noisy drama going on with the Lakers, they’ve quietly become the show in Los Angeles. Obviously, it helps to have players that defy gravity like Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and even Eric Bledsoe. And it definitely helps to have players that start the Lob City symphony with Paul and new acquisition Jamal Crawford.

The Clippers have pretty much put away the Dallas Mavericks as they were leading by 20 points with roughly a minute left to go. The Mavericks went on a five-on-three break that somehow ended with a botched lay-up. Clipper Matt Barnes got the board and saw Crawford at the other end. Bledsoe was with Crawford. As soon as Crawford caught the pass from Barnes, he threw the ball up high for Bledsoe. Bledsoe then caught it in the air and put in a reverse jam to please the Staples Center crowd. Lob City at its finest.

These Clips really put on a show throughout the night. Caron Butler put the stuffing on ex-Clipper Chris Kaman earlier in the first quarter. Jamal Crawford put some Mavericks in the popcorn machine before throwing it up to DeAndre Jordan. And, of course, we can’t forget Blake Griffin, who dunked over ex-Clipper Elton Brand. I didn’t even mention all the highlights because it was that much of a show (check out the highlights in this YouTube channel).

But the breakaway alley-oop from Crawford and Bledsoe really personified Lob City that night. Come on and join this sideshow, Los Angeles.